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  1. just a question and sorry if this has been answered. the 3 in a disc does that mean 3000 gs or only a 1000 gs.
  2. the character is not showing up after I remove the debris from the subway door. is this a glitch or is there a code for that character so I can unlock it. it's the only character left that I need in the entire game. I tried replay a few times but nothing, any help here would be greatly appreciated and thanks. update: never mind I got it, I just used vision..lol my bad for being stupid on this, i'm gonna walk and face the corner of shame now ....., on the good note I got my 1000 lol
  3. I thought it was just me. my first play through no problem, on my new game+ It's been nothing but a fucking headache, I have a battle it freezes, I walk around a corner it freezes, I stand and don't do shit it freezes. like WTF..., I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking of just saying fuck it take what I got 790 and be done with it. I got an Idea..., hey maybe they should make a patch for the problem that would be really AWESOME!!! DEVS.
  4. I hate when your own team mates shoot you in the fucking back for no reason, constant server disconnection and the invincible suicide bombers that take a 1000 shots to put down lol. and in situation mode (Article 5) it be nice to be able to have some med packs or regen on health or at least 3 revives.
  5. benevolent leader is taking way too long. I have enough food to feed all of North America, enough defence to protect the fucking planet, enough beds to accommodate all of China, I have 22 people in my settlement, enough water to make another Pacific Ocean, enough power to supply planet Earth and planet Mars, I have over 35 stores at level 3 but my happiness is stuck at 82 WTF!! this is the only achv I need to complete...,ahhhhhhhh lol
  6. Reaper44

    Map Button

    the problem occurred once I installed that patch after that I can't do nothing. and looting bodies, getting the fuel from the car, and so on and so on does nothing to fix the map button and I've tried everything that I came across on the net. is there a way to uninstall that patch so I can get access to my map. it's kind of annoying trying to find shit when you can't use the map.
  7. Reaper44

    Map Button

    I'm near the end but.., all of a sudden I can't access my map through the back button. everything works fine except when I try to look up the map I get nothing. everything was fine yesterday but now I get nothing. is there a way to fix this and don't say restart cause I'm not gonna do all that shit all over again lol.
  8. did you check your map carefully..., and I'm not trying to sound like a dick. I thought I did but I was off by one. I went to our sister site PS and the map there is a little but better reason being that all items are in red and that showed me the one I overlooked. there all there just look carefully. I thought I did I was pissed and thought that this game was F$#&ing me over but when I cooled off and looked more carefully I saw the missing one. I know this probably doesn't help you much but I bet that's what's happening to you.
  9. I'm missing picture #3 can someone please guide me to where this item is. I have 59/60 there's nothing lit up on the map so I'm having problems finding this any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks. update: never mind I found it. my bad it was right in front of my building when you start the game. I'm going into the corner of shame now for 1 hour.
  10. how do you get the teleporters under the small pillars? I can get it to land on the side on top but not underneath unless I push it. there's a pillar I need to move but there's no way to move it and I can't figure how to put the teleporter underneath. I seen a youtube video of someone doing but I have no idea any help would be appreciated and thanks update: never mind I figured it out on how to do it. for those who might be in the same situation just hold RT and it will place the teleporter right underneath the small pillar.
  11. sorry my bad then I though you could play with others like you do in most multiplayer games, didn't know the construct or mechanics of the game, once again sorry my bad...lol
  12. I know exactly what you mean bro.., we must be related cause I have the same shit happening to me. I've been sitting here for 10 million hours and nothing. so I had to download different browsers to make my own game. so I'm gonna get my brother to help with his laptop and browsers and my sis. the time they fix this no one is gonna be on to play...lol either that or l will be a 1000 yrs old win they fix this little bug.
  13. sorry I probably didn't explain myself better. what I was asking was can I double up on GOTY hard copy and GOTY digital copy from xbox one. I have already done the regular version for 360 and xbox one and I did GOTY hard copy for xbox one but can I get another 1000 for the digital version on xbox one, the same way metro redux allowed sorry for the confusion my badhttp://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/images/icons/icon11.gif
  14. if this has been answered sorry then. my question and this is for the xbox one can I double on the game of the year and what I mean on that is I did the hard copy so if I were to download the digital version can I get another 1000 like how metro redux allowed. sorry again if this was answered before. thank you in advance who ever answers this
  15. the light on the second puzzle is off I can't turn on the magnets to guide the white ball. the first one was no problem but, the second won't turn on it's already off it's not glowing red so I can't access it. I deleted the game and the save file and re-downloaded the game but I get the same shit am I missing something here or am I fucked here, great game if I get the chance to actually finish it. edit: didn't realize I had to get another stone to max out the furnace boiler to set the light on my bad.
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