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  1. I believe its a licensing issue, as Daniel Craig iis the licensed image. I guess its too bad, but I'm enjoying the game just fine .
  2. This was VERY helpful, thanks for spending the effort and getting these scores up! The game was not so difficult but how its set up takes any fun out of it unfortunately, very happy to finally have all these achievements!
  3. Currently working on the final coop of Act 2. If you want to get some of the harder levels done for clean outs and coop run. I am also looking for players for "play it again Sam". Hit me up! GT - ModernViking PST
  4. Looking for someone to hit up the coop on this. I'll be on a huge portion of this weekend! GT ModernViking
  5. Mine clocked in around 28 hours. I did not use a horse. Not too bad, around 2 weeks.
  6. Very helpful! Thanks for posting this, some of these bosses.. Not the hardest. Pretty simple game overall. But pretty time consuming.
  7. it is for some reason mega cheap on Amazon for nee. I got mine for $2.
  8. Mine popped at roughly 10,860-10,890. Mainly used the Torque bow, suicide method with 1 round games at the end of the sessions. Awesome.
  9. It's not really that bad out there. There is a random from time to time that can give you a hard time but otherwise it is doable to get 6 in a lobby if they are all coordinated.
  10. Totally agreed! Why is this game as good as it is? Played through Hulk, Iron Man I and II and Thor and am enjoying this by far the most!!
  11. Hello, I currently have a group for Seriously.. but am always looking for more just in case someone can't make a session. I typically have 2 sessions at 7:30pm pacific on weeknights and 1 session at an earlier timeslot on the weekends. Feel free to send me a Friend Request and Message that you are interested in hearing about updates and joining up with the team! Thanks!
  12. Hey! Very serious about finishing the multiplayer portion, hopefully sometime over the Thanksgiving break. Hit me up if you are interested! PST GT ModernViking
  13. Hey, I am just starting the online for this and am very much interested in boosting with others, I assume with this game it will take many many hours to accomplish Seriously but I am motivated! Please do hit me up if you are looking for a devoted booster, feel free to check my profile to confirm my commitment. Thanks!! Been looking forward to this one, have not gotten an achievement since 2009. Oh and Pacific Time Zone here, so it is pretty difficult to work with UK folks. I work a regular work week and am available nights and weekends.
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