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  1. I current need all the multiplayer achievements as there never seems to be anyone playing online, if you can help me get one, a few or all of them please message me on xbox SN: BEATMOSH
  2. I need boosting assistance with: We Meet Again! (need 4, but I don't know which) Social Butterfly (need 142) Well Travelled (need 20) Yes We Can (need 23) Team Player (need 46) You Are Playground games (need 94) STORM ISLAND Horizon 5-0 (need 44) Castaways (need them all!) If you can help me with any or all of these then please message me, as you can see from the numbers I will probably be doing it for a long time still... even one or two races will help!! GT: Beatmosh
  3. I need someone to buy my design please Mini Cooper S Keywords: FANTASY DRIFTING Description: Beatmosh I Also need lots of help with CRUISE CLUB as I can't find a person to do it with. If you wish to do this please send me a message
  4. I need cruise club and cant find anyone to help me and the rallys of course
  5. I tried this but after I logged in a tried to claim my rewards it failed to load anything... however it seems like it might be the way if the loading worked... EDIT: It was Google Chrome stopping it from loading... FIREFOX loaded it up fine, I got the cars and the achievement! bonus!
  6. I need somebody to buy something (anything) off my storefront! if you message me when you have done it I will buy something from urs if u need or similar assist ALSO... while ur on my storefront if you would be so kind as to view my photo and rate it 5 stars that would help me for the challenges ALSO... currently have ALL Ferrari's for collection in my garage EDIT: I have now got the achievement I need!!! Thank you Blue Papyrus for your assistance
  7. Ok, I've gone and voted for as many people as I can.... mine is.... SN: Beatmosh photo name: Top Gear Flip 1 view so far with 3 star rating
  8. Well i know this first guy didn't say it but I will... THANK YOU!!! I was so stuck here, didn't notice the slide bit for the statue, I could kick myself
  9. Well I know the next game is out... and the next one after that, but as I haven't played them yet I am gonna put my hopes and wishes here anyway!!!! AI Characters crash out and get penalties... In 7 seasons I saw 2 guys crash out!!! Drivers move teams... after 7 seasons of the same driver line up it is just stupidly boring! A use for the Money u earn... no point in signing a big money deal if its just for show... even if there is an achievement for getting x amount of cash in a lifetime!!! Getting Car #1 when you win the championship... or at least people getting numbered correctly for where they finished... having not signed for McLaren the best number I got was 5 even tho I won the championship 3 times!!! Able to see who is in what place during the race... I sometimes need to know where people are who aren't 1st or within 3 cars of me! Sometimes I also want to know what tyres they have on especially if it just started to rain!
  10. So I started off driving for Virgin for two seasons before gaining a drive for Red Bull!!! Awesome... Right at the end of season three (just before Korea) I have got one contract offer from Virgin cos they think I'm a legend... no contract offer from Red Bull despite winning the World title and Constructors already! Ferrari might be interested if I drive well enough for the last races, McLaren have no interest at all... and EVERY OTHER TEAM DISLIKES ME!! It says they don't like my comments to the press... but I'm always pretty neutral with my feedback, so I am not sure why!!! Has anyone else had this and are they likely to come round later in the game, cos I kinda wanted to drive for Williams!
  11. Add me (and message me) to do online achievements... I am currently only on level 5 and have yet to win, so I have a long way to go!!! I at least need to beat someone with the viral achievement... if ur willing to race me even once please let me know
  12. avoid avoid avoid!!! if you want 1000 gamer score it will drive u insane or it will be broken from frizbeeing it out the window
  13. I agree... VERY HARD... I have got it on a loan for a week or so and I doubt I can finish it due to the fact I can't get through even the 150cc championships!!! Seriously can do the first race without error and still come 4th... think it's not too bad and try the next race and comes 4th again leaving myself so far behind in the championship i have to quit and restart.
  14. Seriously... buy the game for whatever price it is and play it, finish it and return it for a full refund! If u feel bad about doing that say you bought it for a friend and they already had it... I bought this game... finished it and took it back to trade, opened the box and the receipt was still in... the guy behind the counter said I could return it for full price!! Basically got the game for free!
  15. I hired this game AND Lost:Via Domus... was supposed to have them 10 days... but lost was done on day 1 and this one was done by about day 6... but that was only due to going to work and stuff I really didn't push hard to finish it... the longest part was probably replying to the last level to get the stupid egg EDIT: changed my mind... Longest part was the end credits ;-) lol
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