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  1. I played nearly the whole game with the dart gun knocked out countless crooks,cops and civilians but nothing. Any ideas?
  2. Why the heck am I playing this on Uber like a chump? Took me a day to get to chapter six now I'm stuck on the Hanger fight...Grrrr!
  3. Sorry to hear this. I was thinking about buying. How pathetic are people that they feel the need to cheat! I love cheevos too but I wouldn't ruin other people's fun for them!
  4. Bots and single player campaign? I'd buy it then.
  5. Need a partner for the co op endurance challenges. Must have the Endurance dlc. Send me a message and fr over live. Thanks!
  6. The kill count been off sense the original Genocider cheevo back in DR 1.
  7. Lol! Some of you guys wouldn't last too long with the originals on the Saturn and PlayStation. Ah, memories!
  8. Awesome game! I hated to buy it a second time...3rd,no 4th..I had to buy two copies because it had no couch co op then one of them broke so I bought it digitally...I bought it this time because I figured it wouldn't be on the backwards capadibility list. Same thing with RE6,the game was alright but doubt it would of made it to the list. As for the multiplayer just play with a group of friends. It's better that way. The biggest thing that I have a problem with is the fact that they should at least give people a discount that already bought the game before, Graphics aren't that great to charge people that kind of money.I would of been happy with BWC!
  9. I give every difficulty and mode it's own save file.It's just easier that way.
  10. I only play the COD games on Vet. I,too,thought [email protected] was ridicousley hard until I started spamming smoke grenades,but thought advance warfare and black ops 2 was easy on vet. Nice to see they made a new level of ultra PWNage with Realistic on black ops 3. Well,have to beat it....Yes, I glutton for punishment!!
  11. If it's any consolation I did 4 complete play throughs and Grabbed EVERYTHING out of every room and still got no cheevo. 1st time I played I got 99%,and stayed there in every run. I did a complete run with Chris and 3 with Jill,on every difficulty and still no cheevo.
  12. Thanks for this! When I first ran through I could of swore I had everything but was stuck a 99%. I just ran through again on hard,carefully checking every room. I even grabbed all the empty jars from the V-Jolt room but no dice,when I finished I was still at 99%. Did anyone know Chris was hoarding Flame rounds in his cell?
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