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  1. Im very new to the game but played Skyrim heavily. Eager to join an active Guild if anyone plays at weekends etc : UK time my gt is squattin wolfie thanks
  2. Looking for casual players for our Clan (xbox one) We are called Royal Roulette. Add me: squattin wolfie if interested
  3. Just a quick spot after spending a month tirelessly browsing the auction house trying to win a bid on a Ferrari 250gto Someone whos driver level was 4 had 20+ auctions sellling this car..... I myself am level 78 and know just how difficult its been to earn CR considering the above car generally sells at around 10m CR I couldnt see how this person had this many cars/cr having progressed so little through the game. To my shock I saw this same person selling cheap gtos again the following day etc. and more recent ive noticed other people selling a hell of a lot of gtos calis and trs and even dbr1s at a mega low price. (Obviously encourages alot more bids) Is there some kind of car cloning factory that turn 10 arent aware of or cant control? or am I just being over suspicious as I know some of the above auctions I mentioned could be legit
  4. I will be online 2nite about 9pm GMT if anyone still needs this :-) Anand32 I searched for your gamertag storefront a few days ago but my searches kept returning no results... sorry
  5. I can do this for you Anand32 once the Forza Servers are back online, seems they have done a big update
  6. Anybody want too offload their cars. Desperate need of some decent motors :-)
  7. I need 5 Ferrari's 250 cali 250 gto 250 tr #12 risi and the enzo Plus an Aston Martin db1 with the above Gto and Tr to complete those 2 achievement's
  8. Any body have any free cars available for boosting plz?
  9. Any free cars still gojng? Could do with a boost please :-)
  10. Ok Oscar brought your MR2 Setup. dont need to search mine as i have the ach. but if you have Forza 3 I do need the similar achievement there :-) (I'm selling a design on my Forza 3 storefront)
  11. Probably a stupid question but just curious. Can you use shared car club cars to complete events in the event list or are they just for xbox live?
  12. Feel free to add me as Im working hard on this game most days and have an empty car club :-)
  13. Sleeping dogs is actually quite impressive.... :-) The best of the free gold games so far. As I already owned the previous better titles.... and the upcoming lara croft one too :-(
  14. Feel free to add me as Im working hard on this game most days and have an empty car club :-) Its also worth a shot to seef anyone is willing to gift me cars they no longer need as im attempting to mop up missing achievements. many many thanks.
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