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  1. Ok. Thanks. Not $10 for me. And I am not complaining about the price. I had no idea how much it its, still don't. I am merely stating that if this is the DLC that is supposed to be nearly the size of the previous game you would have expected it to last longer. Rather than answering the question like a mod should do you act like a twat. No wonder spam posts are up for half a day without getting deleted with tits like you in charge.
  2. Agreed. Managers come and go far to often. People will look at Rodgers Liverpool reign and think/see that they should have won the title. However Liverpool finishing second was a MASSIVE achievement. Look at their wage bill/money spent compared with the teams they were competing with. Rodgers downfall was who he bought at the end of the 13/14 season and his indecision with formations in the season that followed. Getting rid of Suarez was the logical thing to do, however to then buy someone with just as much baggage and only 1% of his ability was extremely foolish. The Balotelli transfer will go down as one of the five worst signings in the last ten years, maybe since the Premier League began. Firmino is also a baffling signing as he seems to be an identical player to Coutinho. Getting two players like that into the side is basically impossible. Chelsea had the same problem with Mata and Oscar. Same with Arsenal for a large portion of last season with Ozil and Cazorla. Arsenal then put Santi in a deeper role and he has thrived but thats not possible at Liverpool if both Benteke and Sturridge are gonna start. Having depth in your squad is obviously a necessity but very few teams can buy 'squad players' for 30million. Anyways only seven more days to proper football returns.
  3. that is nearly as big in size as the Witcher 2? Gameworld size I mean. Because if it is I would expected it to have lasted longer than the 12 hours they say you get.
  4. Having played the trial I would say that what your experiencing is a positive?
  5. So your happy for your RF and LF to be on 5/7 chemistry as long as the team is on 100? This guy stoops to the lows of using stat cards and is using players who are now on 99 passing and still cant make simple passes when on full chemistry! Still believe its a 'fact' that chemistry does anything?
  6. So the new season starts in two days time. Any one got any predictions?
  7. Stop saying its a fact. Have you anything to back it up? As for your 'its important, otherwise it wouldn't be in the game'. This is Fifa, a game programmed by complete idiots who don't know the first thing about football. There is so much bullshit that is in this game its mind blowing. Does that mean any of it is important? No, not in the slightest. It meant something in 09, it doesn't now. Its just been left in because EA are a bunch of lazy cunts. Says chemistry is important then proceeds to tell you to use a formation that has a RF and a LF when there are zero players in that game that have that as their default position. Good luck getting everyone on full chemistry with that formation cully!
  8. Up to the dizzy heights of 11th. 96 points, fourth best in the league. Did that with only nine players too. Callum Wilson getting crocked has messed things up for me. No one in his price range that I fancy. Got Bojan in at the moment but he didn't even play 60 minutes and seems a gamble. Thinking of taking another points hit after the international break. All the expensive defenders are conceding so might go back to mostly 4.5s and 5.0s so I can free up some money for a pricier forward.
  9. The Red and the Black - Iron Maiden 'A tortured mind is a safe place to go but the truth lurks down in the dark below Step inside my inquisitive mind, are you scared at what you just might find?'
  10. That makes two of us! Pretty much the perfect footballing weekend! Wednesday win, blades, man united and leeds all lose. Deathly silence from the man u fans all through the Arsenal game. Guess they only sing about going on the piss with that wife beating drunk when they are winning... Oh, also had Aguero as my fantasy league captain:woop:
  11. Anybody seen Barbed Wire City? Recently re-watched Forever Hardcore and The Rise and Fall of ECW and was wondering if the 'other' E-C-Dub documentary is worth watching.
  12. You need your eyes tested if you think 12 is pink! 11 for me.
  13. No it does not. However there are a fair few people out there that think other people give a toss about their gamerscore and work themselves into a right state when they unlock a cheevo offline.
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