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  1. Looking to get the Now They Fly achievement. Online right now
  2. Looking to boost all Crimson achievements!
  3. I'm looking to get almost all the achievements if anyone is still looking for a boosting partner.
  4. Wow I forgot I made this thread! At any rate they took to long I'm not really interested in the Xbox version anymore I bought the special edition on PC last December for $25.
  5. It would be awesome if you could help me get this achievement I've been trying all night and I can't get the pig to do it
  6. Looking to get the Paper Beats Rock and All Alone achievements preferably right now. Also I have 4 controllers.
  7. Online right now wanting to get Come To Papa, and Locust Forever! please message me if you're are interested. Also wouldn't mind getting the Horde and Beast achievements while were at it.
  8. Looking to get Come to Papa, and Locust Forever! achievements today. Send me an invite if anyone is getting a group together.
  9. Looking for the Zeta Team Go! Achievement.
  10. Looking to do the Zeta Team Horde achievement right now.
  11. Based on the fact that they said they would do 3 DLC packs at launch. Combined with the fact that some of the achievements weren't used maybe there will be another DLC pack.
  12. Duke Nukem Forever was a good game I think many people just trashed it because it took so long. Basically every one was biased on day one simply because they were expecting 15 years worth of work not about 2 years worth. Simply put it's a fine game though.
  13. No RAMM's Shadow is not on the disc! If it was Clocktower and Bullet Marsh wouldn't be 258 MB.
  14. Looking to get 3 of the 5 Horde Command achievements. Kill Locusts Like A Boss and the 2 for hosting matches in Beast and Horde. Looking to get these tonight.
  15. Also keep in mind this DLC is just stuff already on the disc that's being unlocked. Proof some hacker played on Blood Drive the day of Gears 3's release.
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