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  1. This downing has seriously f**ked my time-stamp for the 100% achievement in LEGO: PotC. I signed back in successfully after a while, then I got the achievements for all minikits and gold bricks, but right as the loading screen was about to register the in-game 100%, I got disconnected. No time-stamp for me! hahaha
  2. Crackdown 2 to 1500:gsicon: finally. Saints Row: The Third to 1300:gsicon:. since I just got the DLC today. Madden NFL 09 to 1000:gsicon:. Not sure that I'll even get to 140,000:gsicon: before the new year. At least I passed 100 games to 100% and I'm nearing 80% completion.
  3. This is the first time I've heard of Backloggery. What an excellent site! I should do that. I probably have around 160-250 games to work on. A weird feeling. Edit: Just did a rough count, and sadly / luckily, I wasn't far off. ^_^
  4. FINALLY went back and completed NFL Tour. I suck at sports games, but this game taught me a lot. What a good Thanksgiving haha
  5. I had played this game around five years ago, and only gotten 450/1000:gsicon: before my friend wanted it back. I have no clue if I'll be able to wrap up the remaining six or so that I need. Probably going to do the Tour Mode tomorrow, and hopefully get better at the mechanics to make getting the other five or so for around 400 more much easier for me.
  6. Just finished Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for 1000:gsicon:. Definitely a 2/10 difficulty in my opinion.
  7. I feel like mobile game completions don't belong in this thread, hehe. I just completed my first, which was Wordament (iOS). Probably going to do Monkey Island games soon, but I have a few games checked out from the library, so those are top priority for now.
  8. S**t, I need to look into achievements that you can get with an iPhone then! haha I wonder if any games are free hehehe
  9. Not technically a 1000:gsicon:, but after about 2.7 years, I went back and played Alan Wake to try for the No Punctuation (50:gsicon:) achievement. Got it on my first run, but man, was it stressful. So, I now have Alan Wake completed to 1500:gsicon:.
  10. Just completed AC2 to 1000. Almost at 100 total completed games ^_^
  11. Just broke 130,000:gsicon: a while back. Going for 150,000:gsicon: and 80+% completion by New Year's Day. I have really slacked on this account for years and years. Might as well make the push for 200,000+ soon.
  12. Just finished MW3's DLC. I hadn't played the game for three years, but now I have one more Call of Duty at 100%. Going to try to get the last three for Assassin's Creed II tomorrow; this second playthrough due to a lost saved game is so boring. x_x Almost done though. If I have extra time, I'm probably going to start the rather easy Monkey Island games. I'm aiming for 100 total completed games and 80+% completion by the end of the year. Really close already.
  13. Just did one of the Backyard Sports games today. Also, three years after having played CoD: MW3 for the first time, and getting the 1000:gsicon: in about three days, I am playing the DLC packs now. It is almost exactly three years later; I think it's around two or three days off, according to the time stamps haha
  14. Now that you mention that, I think that I got my first one that way, then bought my current one from a friend. *nostalgia intensifies* I am interested in the idea of having my computer monitor and my T.V. on the same wall; that would be awesome to me. If I had it that way, then I would want a keyboard too. I use the Pad for its mobility, I think. If it didn't need it, a keyboard would be a dream. I'm really going to put some thought into how I want my entertainment systems to be setup in my upcoming living situation! What a pleasant, unexpected, outcome of this thread!
  15. Yeah, and I am even so poor as to have one working controller, one working Gibson, one faulty controller, and one faulty Gibson. Even my 'working' pieces of hardware are many years old and have suffered considerable wear. I have one console that is around five years old, refurbished, and I could really use a complete revamp of my setup. When my career takes hold in the next year or so, I will have the money to do it, but I may not have the time! C'est la vie, right? Exactly, and my career will be like that, with specialization school, and online college courses simultaneously x_x I laughed pretty hard, hahaha. What a story... Ah, gotcha. I have never played a game out of my region. That's funny, and a little sad, haha. I don't even have a Kinect *sob* Speaking of RDR, the game, I wish I had a multibox setup for those last f**king online achievements. Took me so long to wrap up the 1500:gsicon:. Wow, so much stacking! I wasn't even aware it was called that. I am familiar with stacking in-game, but that is an entirely different beast. I don't know which 'standard' difficulty game that I would be willing to do again for the 100%... Probably another solo Guitar Hero game, because I'm pretty alright at the series hehehe Band Hero, for example, has my largest point value achievement (490:gsicon:), and the game was easy as f**k. If Guitar Hero II or Guitar Hero III had stackable careers, and no co-op / online bullsh**t, then I would be able to do those fairly easily too. Five-starring the careers on Expert is easy for me, with how much time I've put into the genre. I loved Fallout 3, and would consider stacking that as well. It is probably one of my favorite games, just like you ^_^ I agree that many games are this way. I am doing so well on my completion recently though. I just went back to PvZ and Brink, both of which I hadn't played in over three years, and completed them rather easily. I have learned a lot of completion in the last year or so, and I think that my percentage only stands to increase. At my local library, they have Bioshock Infinite, and even CoD: Ghosts! I have wanted to play those games for a long time, but being an impoverished completionist, I don't intend to get them because they both have a large amount of DLC. I am still willing to grind for some achievements, even the really, really, shitty ones, but I am so very much more strict when it comes to which games I decide to tack onto my list. If I were to have access to the easy games that I had never completed (like King Kong. How do you not 100% King Kong? :'( haha ), and had the ability to delete four to six retail games off of my list that I got three or fewer achievements for, my completion percentage would go from a shoddy high 70s% to mid 90s%. Side note: Goodness, that is definitely my largest post yet. Hooray for finding out how to quote multiple people in one post!
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