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  1. This one hasn't been released in America sadly if it was I would have it the first game was "Crash Time" then the second was renamed as "Autobahn Polizei". I hope though that more of these games come to the US. They are so much fun to play, and I really enjoy them.
  2. How many of these achievements do you think are offline achievements? I don't have Gold Live anymore :/
  3. *sighs* you know they are holding off motorcycles to put at DLC. They probably already have them done. They can just charge more for that after. As with a lot more cars. And I bet you a year from now there will be some sort of Complete Edition with all the DLC and a few exclusives.
  4. ahhhh, okay. Yeah, I kind of didn't get that one because I didn't think I'd need to drive after anyone, so I had a truck as my vehicle... and on top of that, 2 of my tires were blown out. so I couldn't really catch him I tried hijacking a car too from restarting the last save point, but it took too long. So after I lost him, it said just to go to my house, so this can be missable. Thanks CBBB
  5. I saw one at this one intersection turning off a street like everytime I passed by that intersection. forgot where it was though. So if I get this truck after beating the game by going and replaying a mission... if I get to a save point, will it be saved in my garage and if I go to play a later mission, it'll still be there?
  6. So how could it have been better in your opinion? I like though how they don't say anything else about what happens to Joe, endings like that where they leave you hanging are the best ones, gets your imagination running, and get you wanting to play a sequel probably some DLC may continue from there or something.
  7. How do you get the End of the Rainbow achievement?
  8. Woah, I never thought of that. that would be pretty cool, but I think they want you to see this ending though. the developers chose this ending to put out of a possible 4 others. so it must be the same no matter what. Maybe if you dont get to leo in time, you just fail and have to start over. I want to try this now lol.
  9. Woahh, thanks for the video. I had heard about the ending and I knew that mission related, but I never played the first Mafia. But I like how they tied that in there. That was kind of a long mission though. The Derek fight took forever... Finally somehow he ended up killing himself of something throwing the molotovs lol.
  10. So what did all of yall think of the end if you have completed the game? that and everything else within the game. I have read stuff about the ending people complaining how you can't do anything afterwards. I don't mind, the ending makes up for the lack of free roam. I almost started crying. It was so happy when Joe gave up everything he ever wanted to stay with Vito with an excuse that Vito owed him $5 , which is pretty awesome of a friend choosing $5 over anything he wanted. Just to get caught in a trap with the agreement Vito had which basically double crossed Joe. It was sad. They did a good job getting Vito to know Joe, he actually had character to him and personality, and not just someone plain. But anyways, now what I think about no free roam. This game was not intended to be free roam like GTA. the game takes place in a city, therefore their has to be a city. Also though, it is a marketing tool for the developers. in a few years, when Mafia 3 comes to possibly continue the story, what better way to get sales then to include features they purposely left out in this game. kind of like how Saints row was. But still, this was an amazing game. So what do yall think?
  11. Sorry to bring this post back from the dead, but as this was the only post on this topic I found in google, and there is no for sure solution... All I did was quit to the dashboard, load the game back up, then I went to the load Game screen and picked the beginning of the level it started screwing up on (3rd) and it loaded and everything was normal again. Then I loaded up the furthest save and it was all working. I am not sure all that is necessary, but that is all I did and thats what worked. Once again, sorry for bringing this post back, but I am sure some people may find this useful if they get stuck. (instead of going buy a whole new game, or clearing the cache)
  12. Got this game, heard it sucked, but thought, its still achievements... until I saw how many were online... At least 50 G each isn't so bad. I don't have Xbox live, but I am willing to use a trial card I have if someone is willing to help boost with me. If You help me, I'll return the favor and help you also. Just send me a message and friend request on Xbox Live. Gamertag: Bantri
  13. Bantri Rooting for Canada
  14. I don't know. It has different name, but all the achievements are the same. It's NTSC too.
  15. This game is now out in North America with the name of "Autobahn Polizei". It came out May 4th and is really only available on Amazon.com for $30. Gamestop Does not have it. At least not yet. But just wanted yall to all know since I was so excited about this game when I heard about this. What was said above about several people playing this game back in like 2009, it could have been pirated copies of the game on a hacked Xbox since they can get around regions. That makes sense.
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