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  • Birthday 05/27/1985

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    Jimmmy x360a

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    I love playin xbox and my Ibanez Gio
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    Xbox/Guitar/Metal Music

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  1. okay i have no idea how to do this i put the outter ring on H and the inner ring on K and nothing is happening!!!! there is an N in the upper left hand part of the screen but thats it can someone please make a video guide or post one
  2. is this coming out @ midnight tonight? i know it was supposed to come out tommorow i just didnt know if that ment midnight or what...
  3. any achievemnt glitches that any 1 nos of
  4. im probably getting mine on tuesday i was actually reallly suprised of how good this game is when i played the demo i was also really suprised about a month ago watching the gameplay on G4
  5. wow really!! i was playing offline horde...thats fucking stoopid!!!
  6. i love gears im just mad bout my rank being reset twice!!
  7. yup does anyone no why this keeps happening to me this is the 2nd time my rank has been reset ohh and its also happened to my brother!! and its not cause my xbox cause he plays on his own
  8. yeah thats true but a game with good achievements makes the game it bout 10X better in my eyes
  9. haha there better be i cant wait for theis game!!
  10. nice job on the list bro its gonna help cause this is a tough list
  11. what is the easyiest 200 other than dino dash or w/ ever
  12. Et for the atari. And the worst 360 game is probably damnation
  13. Reach 60k and get a few more 100%
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