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    My initials are EVW, thus my gamertag... E vee dub. Je parle francais, aussi.
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  1. Thank you NuVion. This game is free with Gold Dec 2021, and I'm trying it out.
  2. Hey hey. It's Nov 2021. 

    Take care "Dee Arr Jay Bee Joh-Vee".

    That's what's up!

  3. This game is a grind, but a fun one. You must put in the time to earn ARMOR boxes to increase health for each class. Online success is determined by finding a team with similar farming sessions for health. A good teammate has at least 5000 health for each class. Any lower and you'll struggle with INFERNO. Offline success is determined by more Armor farming and having the best weapons while playing split-screen. A lot of cheaters simply game saved their way to 1000G, but real gamers get their 1000G legit, and even come back to play and help others... for fun! See you online.
  4. UPDATE: 1000/1000G on Easter Sunday 12 Apr 2020, while Starlink was Free-To-Play during the coronavirus quarantine. Sweet! Spent $0 on it, and no attachments. A 2nd controller will easily get you the Co-op achievements.
  5. I don't remember posting about this game. I'm checking here to see how to unlock the "HAVING A BLAST" achievement. Starlink is FREE TO PLAY in April during the coronavirus quarantine and I'm only missing 3 achievements, 2 of which involve co-OP. (Plus, I'm burned out on The Division 2.) Thanks for the response above. I learned all that by playing the game for free. I used barrels lying around that helped with the STASIS and GRAVITY attacks on the alien regulator buttons and caches. Annoying to use barrels, but better than buying new weapon mods. Cool game and an easy 1000G, if you have co-OP access.
  6. Someone has to answer this question... Can we choose CREATIVE mode (no dying or resource gathering) and unlock ALL the achievements? I get that it could be "Fun" on a different mode, but some of us have other games to sink A LOT of time into instead of Subnautica. ANSWER: No. Achievements unlock on Freedom Mode (no need for food or water). According to a guide on ps3imorts. Note to the guide writer above... please review & edit your work. There are tons of spelling and grammar mistakes. "Thou" should be "though". Not your first language? Find someone to assist you.
  7. Options are: ADVENTURER, SURVIVOR, WARRIOR, MASTER. The summary guide doesn't recommend difficulty, and I don't see an achievement regarding difficulty, so I was wondering what everyone suggests. I'm only playing for the experience and 100% achievements. If I can play on ADVENTURER, I will. But if you think a slightly harder choice improves the experience, tell us why.
  8. Best Buy currently has the Starlink Starter Kit for $19.99, originally $74.99 and I was intrigued by the deal. Most any full game for $20 is a deal. However, I see another box in my closet full of "brought-to-life" figurines collecting dust. Plus, how many "other" ships and characters must I purchase (nickle-and-dimed) to enjoy the full game? Final cost may be $100 after the initial $20 "deal". I think I'll just stay away. (Save my money, time and closet space for games like THE DIVISION 2.)
  9. So what's the purpose of these? I just started this game. I walked up to the first Mickey symbol and pressed all the buttons. Nothing happened. So add to your guide the purpose of these and what they're for and what to do when you find them, please. UPDATE: I unlocked the achievement. The guide writer needs to start the guide with when you obtain the camera and how to equip it to photograph these hidden mickeys. It makes the guide more thorough. Thanks for the pictures and the written direction. I didn't have to watch a video with someone begging me to subscribe or like their channel or video, respectively.
  10. So based on the lacked of forum activity, it appears I shouldn't even bother with this game. Unobtainable achievement? No online traders? Constant crashing because of pictures and memory too full? ... No thank you.
  11. Thanks for the information. This is good to know before someone starts the game anew. And after the previous post, I'll take the time to enjoy the game as well. Game assists are always fun. I remember when Gears 4 had the glitch to use infinite turrets in Horde mode. That was soooo much fun. I'm glad I got to experience it.
  12. RISE & SHINE is currently on Game Pass, so I'm about to find out for myself what this game has to offer.
  13. The "WIN HELL ON EARTH" achievement is the only achievement I'm missing. I have a maxed Prestige 4 Field Medic level 25. That class is my specialty. Anyone with a competent team of 4-5 other players with classes over level 23 and a Beserker, please contact me. I'll keep you healed. I've played this game for over 2 weeks cumulative time. I love it. It will be sad to see it completed with all achievements done. Gamertag: E vee dub
  14. 1000/1000G for "E vee dub" for LATE SHIFT on Tue, Oct 2nd 2018. Initially, my finger must have slipped and I made a wrong choice, but I was able to correct it on my second playthrough. Thanks for the guide. And the quick 1000G.
  15. I'm quite excited about a new title called EARTHFALL that releases July 13th and looks very similar to Killing Floor 2. Also on Game Pass on July 11th we have Vermintide 2. I'm pretty excited about these two games coming out and I hope to see some of you online. Earth fall is by the makers of Left 4 Dead so I'm hoping it's similar to Left 4 Dead as well.
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