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  1. looking to finish 5 missions Snatch and Grab Wetwork Estate are the only 3 I can remember haven't played in awhile so if anyone is willing to help me with this i would be happy
  2. nice! this totally worked but you could make it easier and do it off of level 10 because after you kill the one guy on the left and the rest of the enemies in the middle you can just freely pop the water bubbles to get 35 really quickly while the last enemy on the right stays trapped
  3. Arcade Games 100% (200/200) (27) Dash of Destruction Bomberman Live Aegis Wing Castle Crashers Wik: Fable of Souls Puzzle Fighter HD Streets of Rage 2 Mega Man 9 Arkadian Warriors Super Street Fighter 2 THD The Maw Altered Beast Small Arms Banjo-Kazooie ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Crystal Defenders Outpost Kaloki X UNO Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game PvZ Dead Rising: CZ KOF98UM Battlefield: 1943 Comic Jumper Marvel vs Capcom 2 DeathSpank Bastion
  4. it was fun the humor was hysterical worth the 600 on the discount as for the 1200 normally I feel it's a bit over priced due to the fact that the game isn't very long
  5. yeah totally picked it up for 600 and i am loving it its awesome the humor is hysterical XD
  6. Looking to boost a few more wins only need 50 more wins and 6 more OCV's I'm willing to boost 1 for 1 up til a certain amount if you need 60 wins I wont mind boosting it with you but just so you know boosting this game sucks...
  7. how long did it take you guys to hit 1000/1000?
  8. yeah you really should use a wired controller or play charge kit lol theres a topic about this already fyi if you sit in the fountain in the beginning before the zombies come in you can net both indoors and outdoorsman in 2 hours ^^ hope this helps EDIT: actually i just tried out this method ^ doesnt work :/
  9. yeah about the drakengard thats what i heard too i loved drakengard it was kinda tough but it was fun hoping this game is good too my friend said its good minus the voice acting so i picked it up for 15 bucks today
  10. Yeah, I agree I see the appeal, but doesn't seem like my kind of game
  11. I don't have splosion man right now though :/ might not even get it :/
  12. This game was great, if you got it for 1200 points though. In my opinion I would say that you paid a bit much, but the game was awesome I beat it in a few hours with all the achievements. I picked it up for 400 points which I felt was a STEAL . Hope you all enjoy it too, there isn't much replay value though :/ which kinda bummed me out but hey it was fun.
  13. I got this game for my birthday from a friend the "really naughty edition" LOL I haven't started playing yet, but I will soon I'm looking forward to it
  14. im totally getting this game, Ive been waiting to get a deal on this game !
  15. Lookin to boost this game ^^ need all the 25
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