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  1. The glory days of checking the forums seeing if the achievement guides was up yet are most certainly passé. I think TA put a few nails in the coffin too, I notice the ps4 trophies sister site isn’t really that dead yet though
  2. This forum used to be really active back in 2008-2010 Suprised how far down it’s come
  3. Unplugged it for 20 mins and it worked. Played Halo all night after that, not sure why it randomly switched off tho. Could of overheated I probably still need a new power brick tho
  4. So I was playing halo 5 and all of a sudden my xbox just turns of now I cant turn it back on, is this a problem with the power brick? Or something inside? I really don't wanna get another one as their still expensive
  5. And now I have unlocked 2 achievements out of order because of this.. I'm not very happy about it, would I be able to get banned because of this? Im just speechless right now how this shit just happened all at once, I was only trying to do fly the coop with my friend
  6. It doesn't seem like I can sign out onto a different Microsoft account so how would I play the games I bought on my new gamertag? Would I be able to transfer them onto a SD card? As I really don't want to buy them all again. Thanks
  7. If anyone needs help with the times feel free to add me so you can see my ghost. Might help with the time based achievement. Just unlocked it ~ i7z iDaRReNx
  8. had the same problem with max payne 3 back in 2012. But it wouldnt re unlock after downloading my tag and trying almost everything
  9. I been having problems with achievements and the leaderboard all week.. as with other friends.. which sucks cus i really wanted to play my new games
  10. Me and my friend need 2 more players for the S ranks and the 4 player achievement. add me i7z iDaRReNx il be on all week
  11. So if i leave my xbox on overnight will they pop? or do the achievements still sync to your profile when your offline?
  12. So a few years ago i bought the Season Pass for max payne 3. one of the Map Packs came out i THEN unlocked one of the dlc multiplayer achievements before the achievements was added to xbox.com resulting in it not sticking to my profile. i tryed to recover my gamertag and re-unlock the achievement but it still wont unlock.. i was wondering if i actually deleted the Season Pass and then actually bought the DLC pack seperete from the marketplace maybe it would let me unlock the achievement? anyone else encountered anything like this with a game that could help. i was thinking it could be because its a multiplayer achievement meaning the server could be thinking i already thinking i have it unlocked therfore making it not pop
  13. This is seriously easy. i beat all the story missions in about 9 hour and i got the 100% around 28 hours
  14. Well since the official boosting thread is dead.. i thought it would be easier to just make a new thread lol. the achievements im looking to boost are.. -Wanted -Auf Wiendersen Petrovic -Team Player (need 5 more players) -Taking it for the team -Fly the coop Ive done the 1500G Before so i know what im doing Add me - i7z iDaRReNx
  15. Well im using the maurdar and i can get to the final part where you gotta takeout the 2 carriers with around 50% health left on the ship im protecting. But the carriers just destroy the ship by the time i can even destroy even 1 carrier. Any help? Also, what is the best ship i should use for this mission? Thanks.
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