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  1. I just moved the game from my external to internal, then back. Now it's working fine.
  2. I have him installed, but the extra character slots have disappeared from my character select screen.
  3. GT: DropDeadArtemus Game: The Surge(digital) PS: Thanks for the opportunity
  4. If anyone wants to boost the 50 player match wins, just shoot me a message on xbl. Gamertag: DropDeadArtemus
  5. I killed Lingard. He just told Clem that AJ was at some farm nearby. Also, I asked Kate to wait at the truck and we'd come to her. She still came flying in like a bat out of hell.
  6. Wow. Shit really hit the fan in the penultimate season 3 episode of The Walking Dead. Time to share everyone's choices. http://i.imgur.com/tOLJjP6.png 1). Of course I promised to help Kate. I've had Kate's back this entire time. Plus, Javi's been there even when David wasn't. No brainer, IMO. 2). Hey. If it helps Clementine get the whereabouts of her little goofball, why not help a man who doesn't want to see the world get even shittier. 3). Javi loves Kate. Kate loves Javi. Gotta let the love flow. Plus, David's a dick. 4). This decision was tough for me. On the one hand, Ava did a lot to help, and she was David's right hand (wo)man. I went with Tripp because we've been through a lot together. Besides, Jack from ME pulls off the bald look better. 5.) Well, I tried to end up with as little bloodshed as possible. Of course, David had other plans. Diplomacy never works in the apocalypse. Overall, I really enjoyed the path this episode took. I can't wait to see what happens in the finale. So many ups and downs crammed into these 2 hours. So, how'd everyone else fare?
  7. http://i.imgur.com/JQzcGEn.png I played along with David to keep the peace for the time being. Of course I gave AJ the medicine. Me and little homie go way back. Fuck Badger. SERIOUSLY. Fuck Badger. Living proof is usually the best policy. Kate seriously doesn't want to be with David, and something definitely seems off about him. I don't trust him.
  8. Maybe someone can confirm this, but I don't think you can do the optional missions if their respective underbosses are at max earn. The missions show up on my map all the time, but I can only do them if the underboss the mission is for isn't at max earn. Annoying that they show up on the map all the time.
  9. Mine shows in my ready to install list, but when I click on "go to details," it takes me to the store page, but it only says "owned" with no option to install.
  10. For the parrots, make sure to read the comments of the steam guide if you are using that. One of them isn't listed in the pictures. It's in the catacombs on the lower left side. The video shows all 18, however.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/LGBU2nm.png I found this to be a fantastic episode. My reasons for my decisions: 1. I believe in Harvey Dent. 2. Gotta get ahead of the story rather than stay silent. 3. Batman may be a vigilante, but he's not a monster. 4. Gordon was the obvious choice when dealing with criminal matters. 5. See option 3. Batman is not a monster.
  12. We've only played the first 2 levels so we only have one achievement, but my wife and I both have unlocked the first achievement playing co-op. I'll report back when we get a few more.
  13. Looking to get gold on all of the advanced co-op missions. My sessions on TA are not working out.
  14. I would also like to know if you can acquire all skill upgrades in one playthrough. I don't want to have to play 4 times to get max skills in all categories.
  15. RNGesus parted the skies and gifted me with an easy certified after my horrible luck in every other game with random drops. Poppa Bless and Praise RNGesus.
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