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  1. In the brackets [] does that mean it has to be done that number of times for the platinum? Cause by the looks of things, with boosting, this doesn't seem as hard as it looks/sounds.
  2. Just starting out online and I'm currently level 12. Looking to boost all the achievements possible. Online pretty much every night until the early hours GMT. Online name is PocketRockets88. Just send me an add saying GTA
  3. Same with me, tbh. But I have a huge interest in games like Alan Wake or Gears of War, so the xbox slim might be a good chance to finally play them.

    The ps3 would still be my number one though, I wouldn't even really bother with achievements.

  4. Yeah it is nice, I have been thinking about getting an xbox just for the xbox exclusives, like halo or gears of war.


    I would never put the 360 ahead of my PS3!

  5. Just the same like me then. Even though that may change at the end of the year. The xbox 360 slim is just so damn sexy. :D

  6. lol you wish :p Yeah it is a great site, I come here for additional info, guides & collectible guides :)

  7. Stalking me on the sister site, huh?! :p

    Just kidding. Good to see you're here too.

  8. I post no matter what. If members leave then that is up to them. Then if members get banned like Parker, it was his own fault & once again I don't really care lol.


    Yeah i'm in the TSL, you?

  9. Yeah, we've definitely improved a ton in the last year. It's a shame we've lost so many cool people along the way though, hence why I don't post much anymore lol


    I take it you're taking part in TSL again?

  10. Yeah lol. I joined a while ago, some of the guides on here were better than ours, or there were some here for games but weren't any on our site.


    But that has all changed :p

  11. Hey :)


    Finally decided to join the sister site?

  12. Hey man. Mind if I use your 'S' rank guide for my clash of the titans guide on the PS3 sister site? I will give credit don't worry :)

  13. Forget about my tail problem. I got my platinum (PS3 )
  14. Same here. Funny that I should look on the site the same day as you send me a vm though :p

  15. O hai! :)


    I don't visit here as often but I drop in every couple days.

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