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  1. In the brackets [] does that mean it has to be done that number of times for the platinum? Cause by the looks of things, with boosting, this doesn't seem as hard as it looks/sounds.
  2. Just starting out online and I'm currently level 12. Looking to boost all the achievements possible. Online pretty much every night until the early hours GMT. Online name is PocketRockets88. Just send me an add saying GTA
  3. Yeah it is nice, I have been thinking about getting an xbox just for the xbox exclusives, like halo or gears of war.


    I would never put the 360 ahead of my PS3!

  4. lol you wish :p Yeah it is a great site, I come here for additional info, guides & collectible guides :)

  5. I post no matter what. If members leave then that is up to them. Then if members get banned like Parker, it was his own fault & once again I don't really care lol.


    Yeah i'm in the TSL, you?

  6. Yeah lol. I joined a while ago, some of the guides on here were better than ours, or there were some here for games but weren't any on our site.


    But that has all changed :p

  7. Hey man. Mind if I use your 'S' rank guide for my clash of the titans guide on the PS3 sister site? I will give credit don't worry :)

  8. Forget about my tail problem. I got my platinum (PS3 )
  9. Same here. Funny that I should look on the site the same day as you send me a vm though :p

  10. Funny thing is I didn't miss any enemies. I had the trophy for collecting all sub-weapons, so as I said I had already defeated all enemies. I found out who I was missing though. I also found out that the enemies only give out certain gifts half of the time. So sometimes they give out the gift you need and other times they won't. Performing a perfect weapon seize seems to solve that problem because they drop more gifts. But I have 100% in this game now & my Platinum. (Yeah I played it on PS3)
  11. I can't seem to stun 3 enemies. Any recommended tail I should use or enemies I should try to do it against?
  12. oooooo Hellooooooo :D

  13. I have all but one gift section completed. I think I have the cloth type section left to do and im on 93%. Is it possible for someone to post all of the items in that section if they have 100% for it. Then post what enemies the item can be gotten off. Then I can see what one i'm missing and finally get this done. Thanks a bunch
  14. Great job. Now hopefully I can get the last few of my S ranks. Thanks alot man
  15. o.k. I'll see what I can do in the mean time, thanks man.
  16. Any news on when the S rank guide may be available? I have a few left to do so this will help greatly. Thanks
  17. I use the cyclopean maul, it normally takes to good hits & then I finish them of with my soul seize. And NO, you can't deal damage to them when their eyes are shut. Quick question from me: For the challenge quests there are alot of free roam ones. What damage/kills/time should I be aiming for in these? I can only seem to get a B. Also, I can't seem to kill the basilisk or skeleton king to get an S, I always get an A?
  18. Just a thread I made on the sister site. http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/clash-titans/55192-location-all-sub-weapons.html#post843427 Work in progress as I'm missing a few. I hoped I could get the info from over here but it looks like hardly anyone is playing this game on the xbox aswell lmao.
  19. No-one can spare a few seconds to help me out? Ohwell nevermind lol. For those that need more help look here: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/clash-titans/55192-location-all-sub-weapons.html#post843427
  20. Hey guys just need some advice please: Grace Of Erebus - None of the descriptions make sense to me. I have tried what they say for over 2 hours now and I still haven't got the achievement. Missing some weapons & enemies. Dual Swords - between serrated kopis & sentry's sword. Between leonis & fang of tartarus Axe - between crude axe & headmans axe. Last one on the list Flame core - last one on the list Underworld core - first one on the list. Between spirit of ambition & chaotic bane Healing cores - first & last ones on the list Harps - the 2 middle ones. Thanks alot for your help in adavance
  21. Why, no need to be funny man. The achievements are exactly the same as the trophies, no need to try and be funny. Way to bring members in:woop: Thanks for your help.
  22. So im missing two trophies (for playstation). The first is finding the helicopter near the sam site in level 1, any specific location? The second is the location of the tank on the beach mission. Dont worry, i have read the guide but im still stuck, any help would be appreciated, thanks:)
  23. I feel he was being extremely generous. I personally wouldn't of scored more than 40.
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