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  1. Online now for Der Eisendrache Easter egg. 3x prestige All steps known Won't steal your lightning bow GT: ReligiousKnives
  2. To answer my own question and to confirm for anyone else who may need to know, Your 15 lives start with your first playable character proper and not the nostalgic Johannes section at the start. Just finished the game in 8 lives
  3. Hey Guys, One thing I've been wondering is does the game calculate the first life of the play through as Johannes or the first paladin you take through the castle proper. when you start a game you have the intro tutorial and then when you start up the game properly there's already a portrait left behind. Wondering if this counts as a life? Thanks Chris
  4. Thanks All, It's showing intermittently for me but doesn't seem to be widespread. I'll just have to snap it up when the discount is visible. sTRANGE!
  5. Hmm strange - when I go to the store on my Xbox or the UK games store i get no discount. However if I go to the US games store the discount is applicable. Can anyone else verify this? Chris
  6. The discount is no longer visible in store for me? Bought Last Gen, The discount was visible a week or so ago but no more - was the discount time limited for pre orders? Thanks, Chris
  7. Did this ever pop for you guys? Same thing happened here with me last night
  8. New issue: just finished all objectives 240 / 240 and the final achievement did not pop. All the way through achievements were slow to unlock (after completing say 210 objectives I would usually need to complete 2-3-4 additional objectives before the achievement unlocked. This happened for all milestones. At first I thought this was due to obtaining an objective but failing a level. However the number differed each time. If for example I gained 4 objectives but failed the level for times that would mean I would need 4 additional objectives each time I got to another milestone. However it was varied, 2, 3, 4, 5 sometimes. Really sucks as lazier achievement and no more objectives left. Was stoked to get this too! Anyone having or had a similar problem and know of a fix?
  9. Beat me to it! Same thing happened to me. Didn't appear on the leaderboard for a level and this technically meant had not completed the requirements to get the achievement. As soon as I did this it popped
  10. My achievement for completing all of Bergs main levels has not popped. Same as above. Still appears as on 99% but the reality is this has easily been achieved. Anyone know of any workable fixes? All other achievements attained in game today have popped fine Chris
  11. Looking for 1x Player with Phantom Bow credentials. Just getting for a friend who does not have and need a 4th. 3 players on and ready at 8pm UK time. GT:ReligiousKnives Mic no needed
  12. Yep I found All Dogtags on all 4 Final Stand maps. Interesting but I could never confirm if some tag locations are made redundant on xbox360. For example Hammerhead, Logging area near the Rail Gun at A. There's a spawn point near the Lorry which has 2 spawn points (Underneath and near wheel and on top of lorry. The spawn point in reddit images shows one of those yellow mini diggers with a tag in the middle of the tracks and crane. on 360 this is not here and instead there's a blank space where the digger would be. Would be interested to know if anyone has got the tag from here to debunk a theory! Chris
  13. Hey guys add me 'ReligiousKnives'. I have all tags and have 2 other friends on board for bow. 1: All Tags 2: Giants Tag 3: Hangar Tag 4: need someone with either a whiteout or Hammerhead tag Can do this today 3-5pm UK time
  14. Hey Guys, By Now everyone has most likely seen the Reddit sub post and the video guides on youtube highlighting all the positions for the Final Stand dogtags across all 4x new maps. However, both the pictures and video guides are either taken from Xbox One or PC gameplay. A Few locations have very different textures and in game objects that are not visible in the Xbox 360 Version. A few examples of this would the the Forklift Truck on Hammerhead That contains a dogtag (Image 9 on Reddit image) at it's base and the 'Pipes' on Hangar 21 (Image 7 on Reddit image). My Question here would be, are these locations void, i.e Will the dogtags never appear in these areas, or would they appear in these areas still but just not amongst the objects that are not part of the 360 texture pack? Secondly - If playing conquest, can the dog tags spawn in out of bounds areas or will they always spawn in an in bounds area? Again, as Xbox One and PC holds more players per game, the conquest areas are bigger. If they do not spawn in certain areas this will remove roughly 2-3 locations on every map, thanks Chris
  15. Hey man sounds good: I'll try this and report back when I can tonight [edit] attempted and this does work for me too. Sign out, re download your profile to your xbox. Load up BF4. Go into any multiplayer game and the achievements will pop when you join (I had 3 pop for 70g).
  16. Sucks hard I'm sure there's lots more with this issue. The achievements are so easy it would be hard to not unlock At least one :/
  17. Quick update: Got the achievements again 2x over and this does not seem to make a difference. Still missing 20g from 1x achievement and still listed as 57/57 on achievement home screen and 61/62 when I click through to Battlefield 4
  18. Hey Guys, Anyone else having the same problem? I maxed out the game at 57/57 and now with dragons teeth there is 62. I have 4 of the achievements, only points for 3 of them and it says either 57/57, 58/62 or 61/62 depending on where you look. Anyone know any details and if Microsoft will issue a fix?
  19. Hey guys, Anyone else got broken achievements? I got 2x new Dragons teeth achievements and all others before. Game registering as 57/62 still and only counted 20 points for one achievement :/ Any fixes? Chris
  20. I agree with the above in regards to the lucky bounce and mad skillz e.t.c On some shots it's almost stupid that I don't get one! And 5 masters isn't too great. DLC master will seem useful for the harder points challenges and will seem to play much like Luna ( useful for getting points and free balls if used well!) Does anyone else get it whereby they can get a charged shot (Norman) or Ghost Shot (Luna) fall into the bucket but not get the extra 10,000 points for doing so (unlike Jeff or Berg)? Any fix coming?
  21. Yep, did not work for me. Downloaded Child of Light recently and having the same issues
  22. Tell me about it hope they could connect up soon. Actually I really hate the menus in the new game. Just looks naff and a lot more convoluted in my opinion. They were doing great by themselves. Probably the involvement with Ubi meant the overall Price hike on the game. Saying that though there is what 6 DLC planned. Perhaps without Ubi involvement we would not have seen that amount of added future content? I know you have to buy a season pass for it but I quite like that. I would after all buy all content anyway.
  23. Hey Guys, Got Trials Fusion on release and have yet to be able to connect to the Uplay servers in game on the xbox360 version. I also have Trials Frontiers on my phone, created an account in game when prompted and there's been no issues on this platform. Anybody else having difficulty connecting in game on their xbox360? Really want to connect so as to get the additional clothing range when linked to Trials Frontiers, Thanks!
  24. Hey All, Recently bought this on the cheap in the latest reduction and super surprised at how little people play this game. I'm looking for a little help in completing the online achievement as well as anybody looking to play through the campaign quickly to amass the golden Glove scores on Rock Hard difficulty. GT: ReligiousKnives - Friend request and FINAL EXAM message Thanks, Chris
  25. Glitched China Rising Achievements Hey All, Anyone else experienced glitched achievements for china rising? I've not yet played a single China Rising map and yet I got the unlock for 'Complete all China Rising Assignments'. I took down a helicopter with a stinger and it popped. Completed the assignment to get the M-TAR shortly after (legit) and despite the M-TAR now being unlocked the assignment keeps popping up in game. Battlelog seems to suggest it's unlocked though! New one anyway...
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