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  1. I'd rather it be too easy than be next to impossible like WAW
  2. Is it really that easy to prestige in Black Ops ? I haven't played it yet btw
  3. Last time i broke a controller was when I was playing through Call of Duty World at War on Veteran. I'm surprised I ONLY broke 1.
  4. Watch Tony Romo throw interceptions on his way to leading the Cowboys to another defeat
  5. Wait for the next EXP weekend is about all you can do
  6. Stop That - 15 kills " Any players using a class with one man army or danger close are instantly killed "
  7. Not too hard. I'd say 5 or even 6 / 10 at the most. The real challenge is the time it takes you to get to lv. 50.
  8. So is this game going to include the DLC's or am I gunna have to purchase them seperately
  9. GTA V takes place in Los Santos, and thats about all we really know so far
  10. Lets thank God that the Nazi's weren't really this good with Grenades in WWII
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