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  1. You need to Scan a catapult with the Binoculars. Then you can build one near the gate. Took me awhile to figure that one out too. I'm not sure about the flowers. I know I had to scan some on various levels. Others may be available for purchase in a shop. The items needed for Sypocalypstar quests tend to be for sale somewhere.
  2. This is incorrect. In this game, 100% just means 475/475 Master Piece Bricks. You can unlock all achievements while leaving many characters, vehicles, items, and Super Items locked. Some items are necessary to unlock certain Bricks, but most are not. I just finished the game while still having locked Super Items. It's also not correct to say that Krystal is the first mini-doll you will unlock. Except for General Mayhem and some you can buy in a shop, the mini-doll unlocks are random. Thanks for taking the time to put together the guide.
  3. Jump, then attack while still in the air. That will cause a ground slam that flips them over. Then jump and attack again while standing on top of them. These enemies are called Soft Bellies. Eventually they appear in the story and a Tutorial explains how to deal with them. But as you found, they can spawn earlier if you explore the open worlds.
  4. All the Sea Dragon Kids have trails of opals beforehand. One of them was hard to see though, at the bottom of the screen, partially hidden by scenery. I'm guessing that's the one you're missing. I think it was about halfway through the mission. Of course your post is years old. Hope you found it long ago. Just thought maybe someone else would need help someday.
  5. I really wish there were. I have to search for collectibles with the sound off since the background music gets so repetitive. I sent a tweet suggesting a separate volume control.
  6. The Path of Motus (X1)(DO): Under 1 hour Here's a 39 minute . FYI, 10% of proceeds go to an anti-bullying charity.
  7. I think the "bucket" is a levels Hot Dog. After you collect it once, a Diamond will be there instead. I don't know if it's necessary for the achievement. The Hot Dogs aren't needed for the Marble levels, so maybe it isn't needed here either. There are 2 costume pieces that are Hot Dog / Sausage related and can't be purchased. I assume collecting all 16 Hot Dogs will unlock the pieces.
  8. Thanks for the guide. I disagree with the 1/10 difficulty rating though. I consider 1/10 to mean that almost everything can be done on the first try, with almost no deaths. If some part of the game takes more than 3 attempts, the game has some level of difficulty. The Maka guides have many instances of timed portions where he says multiple attempts may be necessary. There's also a part where he dies and has to edit out the death. The controls are sometimes a little unresponsive and some jumps are hard to judge in terms of time or distance. And boss battles have random luck in terms of which patterns you'll see. Personally, I'm still trying to beat the final boss. Based on comments on TA, I'm not the only one having trouble defeating him. My rating would be 3/10. Any teenager or adult with some patience can get it done, but there are probably going to be some deaths and retries. Maybe 2/10 would be fair. But 1/10 is just too optimistic.
  9. The achievement "Shared Completer" was replaced with "Zumba Fire" (Burn 5000 calories). Apparently Shared Completer was unobtainable on Xbox One, so the developers changed it to something totally different. Note that this is does not apply to the 360 version. And the JP version just doesn't have the achievement.
  10. On July 12, someone on TA unlocked "See What I Did!" (Share an Award with KinectShare) in Kinect Rush (the retail game). So I don't think KinectShare is totally down. The website seems fine too. Hopefully it's just a momentary issue for you. Have you looked through your Privacy Settings on the 360? There was a special setting for allowing Kinect content to be shared. See this page about Kinect Sharing settings.
  11. Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition (Xbox One) can still be played from a physical disc, Goat Simulator Bundle, which was sold in Germany.
  12. Rime has a physical release, at least in NA. For example: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/rime-xbox-one/5712161.p?skuId=5712161
  13. Dusty Dunes You aren't guaranteed dungeons when you create a world. I've had 0 to 5 dungeons in a Very Large, Dusty Dunes-only world.
  14. The list for Lego Dimensions (Xbox 360) says there are 71 achievements for 1825 GS, but there are really 77 achievements for 1975 GS (though 3 Goonies are not yet obtainable). I deleted and re-enabled the list, but the same error is there. If you check everything, the bars extend past 100% and say you have 77/71, 1975/1825.
  15. I was recently made aware of this petition to add the Civil War and Ant-Man DLC's to Xbox. Please consider giving it your support. Unfortunately, the chances of getting the DLC are not good. Matt Ellison, Producer on Lego Marvel's Avengers, told me (via Twitter DM, August 6, 2016) If you contact him, please be polite. He has been very polite to me. One other possible person to contact is Bill Rosemann, Creative Director at Marvel Games. He took an interest in adding the missing Marvel's Ultimate Alliance DLC. He seems to be in charge of these licensing deals from the Marvel side. As background, PlayStation exclusivity for Civil War ended on April 26. Exclusivity for Ant-Man ended on July 5. You can see these dates in a Twitter photo of a PS box sticker. Civil War was released on May 24 for Steam ($1.99). Ant-Man was released on July 5 for Steam($2.99). The Ant-Man pack does have Steam achievements. Unfortunately, these DLC are still not available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, or WiiU. Hence the petition. Thanks.
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