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  1. I'm up for boosting. I'll be on tomorrow around 5pm eastern time. Gamertag: ii CoMmVieW ii
  2. Anyone that has this game for xbox one please add me to boost the 2 friend based achievements. Gamertag: ii commview ii
  3. Rob any of the 20 stores, after you get the money hit START, LB, A, A, THEN B. Keep repeating to keep robbing the same store. The store clerk responds if killed to. Hope this helps.
  4. Big foot is in one of the story missions if im not mistaken. The kefflom mission is the last strangers mission needed for 20/20 if you have 100% finish that mission and you should have them all completed when done.
  5. did you guys do the Kifflom mission? if not follow this video link [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGGRGuwbTjU]GTA V - "Kifflom!" Trophy / Achievement Guide - YouTube[/ame] the video was not done by me but, full credit for the great guy who made it. hope this helps you out.
  6. Can one of the moderators please help me get the achievement. Its been awhile since ive played this game so just looking to finishing it up before servers go done. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. If anyone still needs the online achievements message me on Xbox. Gamertag. CoMmVieWz BacK
  8. If anyone needs help with Ferrari Collector or Exclusive Taste then add me on xbox. This will be my last week helping for these achievements so hurry while it last. GamerTag CoMmVieWz BacK
  9. Looking for someone who has 4 controllers that needs the crimson map pack achievements. Gamertag CoMmVieWz BacK
  10. your already on my friends list, let me know when your on and I'll give you a hand
  11. Still willing to help people with chivos if needed, message me on xbox saying your from x360a and what chivos you need. Gamertag: CoMmVieWz BacK
  12. Hey man add me on Xbox, I've been helping quite a few people with online achievements. Gamertag CoMmVieWz BacK
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