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  1. Mmmm. Laughs are out, Bruins are out, and Golden Knights missed the playoffs entirely. My birthday was a week ago, but...better late than never
  2. I'm absurdly hyped that my Bills are in the season opener with the Rams!
  3. Well, I'm gonna miss RJ like hell, but at least my Sabres got it together and gave him a sendoff season that was far better than I ever could have anticipated. Now I just hope they can build off the momentum, make a splash going after a FA goalie and make a run at a playoff spot next year.
  4. Diggs has been extend for four more years. My offseason is now officially complete. Now I'm just gonna relax while seeing what Beane comes up with as a stop gap for the CB situation. Thankfully my Sabres are playing some great hockey right now, and NHL playoffs are right around the corner, so I'll at least be able to get to the start of summer or so. This offseason is gonna be so long 😛
  5. So, the Sabres were down 4-0 to the Hawks at one point last night and ended up winning 6-5. I forgot what resilience in a hockey team looks like, and it feels so nice to see it again in Buffalo.
  6. And I repeat, it's not as crazy as it looks. Most of it's voidable. This is essentially a three year contract for less than half the total. Also, despite his age, I feel it's worth it to not only get an actual disruptor on the line but one who is almost certainly going to be in the HoF. No telling if it'll work out, but either way the Bills are putting the NFL on notice with these offseason moves.
  7. Fuck me sideways, the Bills signed Von Miller. I was hoping they'd go after him. At first glance the contract looks absurd but it's pretty smartly constructed, as you'd expect from Brandon Beane. I am elated and am now even more impatient for the 2022 season to begin!
  8. Gotta say, it felt good to beat the Golden Knights last week and hold Jack without a point, and it felt good to drop five more goals on the Leafs, and during an outdoor game, no less.
  9. I kinda figured this would happen. It's gonna be Favre all over again, except without the drop off in quality of play, apparently. I'm not even upset, honestly. I still hate him but this situation just does not matter to me. What does matter to me is the offseason moves that have started be made. I'm not happy that Klein was cut, but I'm happy to see I-Mack back and today's pick up of McKissic from Washington is pretty solid. Just hoping they give Diggs a good extension and that they go out and get an actual stud for the D-line. I'm not thrilled that they lost Harrison Phillips, either, incidentally.
  10. Sabres have actually been interesting to watch. Not good, but interesting. They just snapped a six game losing streak by blowing out the Leafs 5-1. I genuinely cannot think of a better way to end a losing streak, really, as a Sabres fan. Tuch has been incredible both on the ice and in the locker room, Tage Thompson is looking even more like the glimpses we've seen around the injuries of the last few years, Skinner is looking revived and like he's having fun for the first time in years and the youth movement has been looking great with guys like Cozens and Krebs developing well. Dahlin has even started to balance his game a bit more, though he still gets over-aggressive while pinching.
  11. Bengals fans have a right to be upset with the officiating but they also have a lot of reason to be positive on account of the fact that they really shouldn't have been in the SB by any metric. Controversies aside, Stafford at least deserves this ring.
  12. Jesus, dude. I get hating a divisional rival. I spent decades mentally wishing a variety of career ending injuries on Tom Brady. You can hate the team and still acknowledge that Stafford deserves a crack at a ring after giving everything he had for so, so little thanks to being a part of the most hapless professional sports team in American history. Also, the Niners are among the most successful franchises in history and have several rings. It always sucks when your team is eliminated (we once again got snakebitten by the Chiefs and it's going to be so difficult to overcome that obstacle that I genuinely question if we'll get there in the course of Josh's career) but I think this is one instance where the stakes are a bit bigger than even a long standing rivalry.
  13. Apologies. It's nothing against the Niners, it's just that I feel that Stafford has earned this after all of his suffering in Detroit. More to the point I desperately wished to avoid a Chiefs-Bucs rematch.
  14. Apparently that may not be entirely accurate, but I hope it is. More importantly, I'm glad that the Chiefs are out. Bengals-Rams is my best case scenario in lieu of the Bills not making it. The way that the Bengals won makes the Bills defensive performance in the Divisional round even more confusing and frustrating to me, now.
  15. Well, I'm not on suicide watch like last year. I actually feel pretty good. It's clear that we will get the Chiefs eventually. Definitely should have been tonight. Pity that the D left the game after the first quarter, though piss poor scheming by Frazier didn't help any. See you guys in seven months.
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