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  1. Looking to boost any online achievements. Will return the favor. kbusch2fan
  2. Still have game and need et tu, brute and demolition man achievements if anyone can help
  3. ...But its a real challenge. At the end of a career mode cup you have to face Jimmie Johnson in a best of 3 race. No short-cuts or upgrades. Its ridiculously difficult. Ive tried well over 20 times now and haven't even won 1 race against him. Ive tried pro and All-Star.
  4. nascarjohn

    3 doubles

    Defiantly all luck based. Got this yesterday.
  5. Looking to earn the EASHL Playoff win achievement. Lost our teams game kbusch2fan
  6. looking to boost the 4 player matches kbusch2fan
  7. Looking to boost all online achievements. Including DLC. kbusch2fan
  8. If anyone has this game and is looking for the online achievement i still have this game and would be happy to help boost. Still need 3 for the win achievement but i'll be there if anyone needs it.
  9. Im also looking to get this Achievement kbusch2fan
  10. How many mins do you have to play in the game before you quit out?
  11. I have the game, looking to boost any online achievements i can kbusch2fan
  12. Will be renting looking to boost. kbusch2fan
  13. Looking to boost scrabble achievement. Msg me
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