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    KING KONG aint got nothing on ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    International Man of Mystery

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  1. I will be on all weekend. I am happy to help out with the horde achievements I have a mic and I am a Gears VET. GT:WSJ3 EST NYC:eek:
  2. Hi I have a mic and my gamertag is WSJ3. I am looking to help with all achievements especially co-op campaign any difficulty. All day Saturdays and Sundays EST (NYC) and anytime after 9pm during the week. Thanks.
  3. GT: WSJ3 I am available to do all missions level 30 and group activities in the Dark Zone and the Underground. I have a mic and I am looking to help. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for that...quick question so if I am at 99% in Normal and I want to start a NG+ to get more upgrade points...can I then use those UPGRADE Points in my Normal gameplay? Thanks Forum I appreciate you guys.
  5. Hi I have the RIOT map unlocked and just need someone with a mic that can help me unlock this achievement. (XBOX ONE) gamertag WSJ3. Thanks. I am on the East Coast EST and will be available tonight after 8pm.
  6. Well said. I think this is the best Batman game. The games that followed seemed to have too many repetition in the combat and predator challenges and the tacked on MP on the last one was HORRIBLE!!! I hope that the Arkham Knight next gen game makes up for that last one that was released.
  7. Quick question team. How do you use throwback damage from the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability? I am in Escalation but if I hit the RB it deactivates my shield ability. Help please...
  8. Morning fellow gamers:drunk I would like to help out with all the MP achievements. Please add me. GT:WSJ3
  9. And I was curious to know if any of the MP achievements can be done in private matches?
  10. @BRAD3N GUNN I see that you finished all of the single player campaign in a few days...is the game really that easy (not saying you aren't a great gamer) just curious if you felt this was an easy SP campaign to complete... Thanks.
  11. The link is dead Nozza... http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a485/dotar_sojat_wsj3/dotar_sojat_wsj3155/Untitled-1_zpsb27a55b3.jpg
  12. I just got a ribbon played a game with just bots. 7 to go.
  13. Is the metagame down today? I haven't seen it pop up yet. Thanks fellow gamers.
  14. I am in NYC eastern standard time. GT:WSJ3 I have a headset and am veteran Splinter Cell Player. Thanks.
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