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  1. Would really appreciate the collectables, GT: OHCaptnpeepants Thanks in advance
  2. I think I used Simmon's Shotgun from memory, it was the easiest I found. Can't remember what the requirements were though. Maybe digging, getting fat, and killing a bunch of hollow men, that the mortar game counts towards. But don't quote me on that, did it ages ago.
  3. Yeah, it puts more glitches in the game
  4. Can I please join somebody's game who has unlocked the cesspools (Kidnapped quest), but has NOT finished the gnome quest, so I can get my last gnome. Thanks in advance. GT: OHCaptnpeepants EDIT: Can return the favour by helping with the Xbox LIVE cheeves, or by giving any clothes, or most weapons that you have missing. Thanks again
  5. Yes, I didn't get that in my sim season either. I played through a second season controlling only 1 team and scored most of my tries with Jamie Lyon while kicking almost every goal and I got the cheeve after the grand final.
  6. I definitely don't remember a silver key behind a wall with barrels to blow it up. Maybe your'e talking about the key which is in the area where the hollw men are for the mortar game. That particular key is in a little box which looks like it leads to a mine (but doesn't actually) with boards blocking it, which you just chop away. Second key down http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Fable-III/mourning.php Actually, that describes it as blowing up barrels, but I'm fairly sure I just cut those boards away, oh well, that's where it is Hope this helps
  7. Ok, all the people saying that that is quickscoping, what that is, is hard scoping. Not that I condone quickscoping but this is what it is, shooting before the crosshairs fully come up. Sort of halfway between hard scoping and no scoping [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nrIV1dz4Mk]YouTube - QuickScoping Rust GamePlay[/ame] Sorry i couldn't find a better quality one, that was the first video I found that was actually quickscoping. Ok, I'm glad I cleared that up
  8. Although you have to remember that Final Fantasy games are more often than not on multiple discs for the ps2 and otherwise, (not exactly sure as i've only played a few of them) because there's so much in them, and therefore the 360 crossover had multiple discs. Kingdom Hearts games have always fit on 1 disc. So whose to say that if it comes out on 360, it has to be multiple discs. And even if they are on multiple discs, who cares, IMO multiple discs make me feel like the game is bigger as a pure physical thing Sorry if that sucked to read
  9. Good find mate, and this will definitely help some people.
  10. Hi guys, I've been locked out of the cesspools which has the last key/gnome/book I need in it. If somebody is kind enough, can I please join your game and grab them quickly?? Also apparently the gnome only shows if you havnt finished the gnome quest yet. In other words, somebody who has finished the kidnapped quest but has not found every gnome yet. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, thank you very much in advance. GT: OHCaptnpeepants EDIT: I have all clothes and most weapons, and can dupe them in return, thanks again
  11. Combination of these: http://www.msxbox-world.com/features/Fable-III/index.php http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=271435 And a lot running around in circles
  12. Is there anyone online at the moment who can take me to this place, last key/gnome/book i need im online now, thank you, shouldnt take too long GT: OHCaptnpeepants
  13. Yeah he's in my game aswell, I though I was the only one, I just ignore it lol
  14. Yeah np mate, I guess I sounded pretty whiny aswell haha, oh well, at least I know theres hope for my 3 collection achievements
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