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  1. Any idea on how to fix it or am i going to have to start again?
  2. Hi guys, Im trying to get all the Abyssal Armour pieces and im stuck on 9/10. Ive checked every single location where the chests are but i cant find the last piece. Yes, i have the Eden one. The only ones i cant remember picking up is the ones in the The Hollows and the one in the Iron Canopy. Ive been back to both places and there is no chest. (No open chests, no closed chests that can be opened, nothing). Ive tryed everything like reloading, looking with the Mask of Shadows on and off but no matter what i cant see the chests, im 100% certain im in the right place so basically what im asking is anyone else had this problem? Or is there some kind of bug? Im playing on the 360 if that helps... Thanks in advance.
  3. If its a bad game definately, but otherwise nope. Got the 250gb xbox so dont really have a hdd space issue.
  4. I believe Dawn of War 2 has the most Gamerscore available from 1 game now that Choas Rising has been released (2000)
  5. On the PC front, Darkspore and APB Reloaded are gonna be good. On xbox i wouldnt say im that excited about many games this year, except maybe Arkham City.
  6. Id like to trade the online achievements for the PC seeing as there is no one playing the online races anymore. Add me: JonahHoLdEn, if your interested. Il respond as soon as my net comes online which will be withing the week.
  7. Tryed this, didnt work. Playing PC version though so may be why.
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