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  1. I am not decrying as much as wondering why you wouldn't enjoy working your way to level 100 again. I bought this game because I love the SP experience as well as the long grind to level 100 in MP. What reward is there in using a character who is already high level anyway? What more do you get from a game when you're already at that level and already have the achievements? I don't see how enjoying a awesome game that you love for hours on end to stack your gamer score is "bullshit".
  2. This achievements transfer is a terrible idea. Most of the reason I bought the console was to play through GTA online again, not have the achievements unlock right away. It seems I'll be starting a new character to avoid this. I hope that none of the single player achievements pop unexpectedly.
  3. Awesome necromancy... I have since played a lot of Stormrise and enjoyed it. It has many technical faults but I find the whip system really useful once you you play for a while.
  4. I just love stacking Gamerscore. In Australia it is novel and unique to own a German Quake 4, I think, and the lack of gore is no problem.
  5. UPDATE: I didn't risk it, as far as I could tell the Japanese power box is not designed to handle 240V, however, I found my Australian transformer and it worked fine.
  6. My Japanese console's 120 V power supply looks to very similar to an American appliance. My old 240 V power pack is on the other side of Sydney so I was wondering if anyone knew if a simple travel adapter for 120V/240V would work, or if I have to actually use a transformer designed for 240V power supplies?
  7. Try eBay... www.ebay.de That is where I got mine. It's a novelty for me so I would never sell it.
  8. Cool. I have played a few matches but no achievements yet. It looks very nice though, I am just not ready for the challenge when I have so many other games. The packaging looks great. The actual cardboard outside has no LIVE branding but the DVD case inside it does. It does look good on the shelf. Let me know if you wanna play online.
  9. Hey Folks, I bought this game and installed it yesterday... I also bought myself a sweet arcade stick... But after connecting to LIVE it says it can't download the update because of my connection. I scoured the net for solutions, reset thiings, opened ports, clean booted, the lot... All my other GFWL games connect OK, it's just the SSFIVAE game that won't update. I would appreciate any help, or even any venting from people as frustrated as me... Stupid GFWL, I love you so irrationally... Steam-only games don't do this...
  10. This session did not go down so well due to lack of gamers.... one of those being me =( But Calib3r made a new session and you should definitely join in.... If you're in the US/Europe it is sometime around Tuesday PM http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=220721
  11. Offline is the way to go for the PC version... I tried this game on many different systems but going offline was the only fix... .I Wonder how this will affect multiplayer boosting.
  12. Well, being the OP I am proud to say I have 1000 achievement points for both Eco Draconis and Dragon Knight Saga... I would feel like an even prouder achievement hunter if there wasn't a voice in my head reminding me there is an NTSC version of the game that I have never played =) EDIT: Hmmm, I think I had better disallow myself to EVER buy an NTSC console! Divinity 2: Ego Draconis (2) NA All Other Regions Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga (2) NA All Other Regions
  13. I spotted copies in an EB games store today in Sydney. It didn't have the LIVE branding so I didn't buy... Can anyone tell me if their copy is not branded with LIVE but has and LIVE achievements and all that jazz nontheless?
  14. All the play-through achievements: Rorschach, Nite Owl & Co-Op must be done in one complete play through. Also. If you plan to get the player AND the co-op play-through achievement in one play-through, don't bother. So, keep in min that if you do allow your friend to be player 1, he won't get the achievement for the player he uses. As for all the complaining that it's not woth the money... It is. The co-op is a lot of fun with fully maxed chracters and several play-throughs so you and a friend can get the achievements is always a fun way to spend the time.
  15. The original 1000 GS from Div2: Ego Draconis is condensed into about 750 GS for the Ego Draconis part of Dragon Knight Saga, whilst the new addition to the game makes up for the remaining 250 GS.
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