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  1. Finally hit 300k was going to hit it with CoD 4 but accidentally got it with tales from the borderlands, oh well. Thanks to the GSL and organisers had been sitting on 290k for like 2 years lol. Anyone here play Everspace? Think it is new but it looks really good, don't think it has achievements though. All the games I actually want to play have no achievements like Battlefield 1 (Maxed), Everspace, and Resident Evil 1 hr demo. As long as our team don't finish last I'm happy lol.
  2. Battlefield keeps calling to me and I have 1k in it already. It's like the South Park member berries saying to me "Do you member how much fun Battlefield was?" "I member" "Do you member tank battles, autimatico, sniping people?" "I member" Might take it easy after one more 1000g when I hit 300k
  3. Got to a point where I don't want to pay for any more of these crappy easy games lol. Might just clear my backlog. Best games I have played because of GSL 1.Recore 2.Penarium (Quite easy points but does get challenging) 3.Batman: Arkham Asylum X1 4.Fragments of him 9001. Emily wants to play 99,999. Beyond eyes 1.5k Gamerscore from 300k now and that was my aim to hit pre tourney, Soooooo tempted to make Mile High club the achievement that makes me hit 300k lol.
  4. I really enjoyed Inside gameplay wise but the story I thought was kind of shit. It may just be 2deep4me though.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07So_lJQyqw Fragments of Him is okay I suppose the way he died was a bit stupid though and had to suspend disbelief. Might go on a Telltale binge tomorrow after work bought the complete collection and still haven't played wolf among us, batman episode 2, Game of thrones 2-5, or Borderlands 2-5.
  6. Good luck with Cod 2 I found it rage inducing. A certain water tower was fucking annoying on veteran. Anyone who wants easy points and a really good game play Recore, hands achievements out every 5 second.
  7. Fuck Emily wants to play, fuck 5am! I give up, Kiki gets me nearly every time. Sometimes there is no audio cue when she spawns and she somehow gets me, she no clips through walls, or I get done by two dolls at once. Or I search the whole house and can't find Emily. Plus I've got two controllers where they slowly creep forward when I am not pressing anything and I end up getting caught by the clown I'll try again tomorrow but this fucking game is annoying as fuck.
  8. That's nothing, when half you team amount to 30GS and one is on 0 still >.<. Me and Kaleido holding it down at the moment. Dead Rising 4 out in 2 days :-O, there goes my GSL lol.
  9. Thank you Noid! I won't quote the post because it is too long but thank you for the Emily wants to play guide. Going to play it now and I have a fear of clowns and dolls so this should be fun lol.
  10. Wow if Kovy was a weapon he would be OP. Amazing that he has 500k GS and still thrashing everyone lol. Planning to take it easy for a bit and play Beyond Eyes without a guide for first playthrough.
  11. I think I deserve it because the GSL is killing me :-P. Also never played a FF game before.
  12. Wow it starts exactly when my first break at work begins, I'll rev up those Windows Phone games muhahaha. Anyone played Hitman Go? Heard it's good.
  13. Definitely Blue Dragon or maybe go for some easy points with Lost odyssey . Most likely some shitty windows phone game when I'm at work and then maybe when I get back probably unlock the last achievement in Battlefield 1. What was the most someone ever got in this? And what about the most a team got?
  14. The last 5 words of my post were added to look like I wasn't a try hard . You're too smart you worked out my ploy :-(.
  15. Wish this started sooner, can't wait till Thursday, not playing any games till then. I suppose I can play Battlefield 1 as I have already maxed it out. I'm hoping to get 10k Gamerscore in this competition so that I can hit 300k Gamerscore overall, doubt I'll achieve it though.
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