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  1. Regarding Hyperius, most videos and guides suggest using the Baby Maker to pretty much kill him before he even gets a chance to get up his shield. So I went to farm Mad Dog for a Baby Maker, and eventually managed to find one (granted, it was only level 49 with a fire proc, but still). So apparently all you have to do is hold down the trigger with the Baby Maker while spamming reload, and Hyperius should die before he even puts up his shield. That is not the case for me, as I only manage to get him to ~50% health, then his shield goes up and his minions spawn, and then everything goes to hell. Which brings me to the following questions: Does the stats on Baby Maker matter at all? For example, do I need it to have a slag proc instead of fire for increased damage? Is the problem that I'm trying to solo him on playthrough 2.5? Is he easier / have less health on the normal playthrough? Another guide says that Infinity from Dr Mercy ignores the shields Hyperius and his minions puts up. Should I just farm for that gun instead and find a good hiding spot? Someone mentioned how important it is to get the Tediore Relic, with +30% Damage / +70% Magazine Size. Does it really make a huge difference? Another Siren guide has the Conference Call-method, but after killing the Warrior 150+ times without seeing one drop I sort of gave up on that method. Please someone help me, as this fucking boss is driving me nuts.
  2. It only unlocked for me once I finished the level. I found a good level to get it on (I'd like to think it was the one where a helicopter is chasing you and shooting rockets at you). One of the checkpoints were near a spring, so I just let the heli shoot me, and I would bounce on the spring when I died. At first I thought it was bugged for me, since nothing unlocked (and I also had the avatar award bug earlier), so I just shrugged and finished the level like normal. Achievement unlocked once the score was counted. It was the same for me with the 40x combo achievement. I did it on the "stop the van"-level, and I even managed to crash when I was at 45x combo. I finished the level on the next run, but didn't manage to get up to 40x+ combo, but it unlocked anyway for me when I finished the level. So I guess most of these won't unlock until the level you do it on is finished, even if you bail and stuff.
  3. Hm, guess I should get good Tower gear for my Monk and Huntress then! My DPS Huntress is really good equipped though, so guess I'll make a new one that's purely Tower so I can use my DPS Huntress for the boss.
  4. Anyone got any good placements for soloing Hard (or even Insane)? My issue with Monk Auras and Huntress Traps are that they run out so damn fast and need constant repairing/upgrading. Eventually I just can't keep up, and mobs start flooding the main base. Maybe I haven't specced/geared my Monk and/or Huntress well enough for the above strategy to work...
  5. I notice that the dude who posted the video got a kill combo in the secret room, which would suggest you can get the x50 combo achievement there. Might be worth trying it out. I'm only at level 7 on my Hardcore playthrough, so can't test it myself yet, but it seems like an easy place otherwise.
  6. Weapons Needed Thunderblade Jack's Hammer Bloodcraver Chickenbane Dragonstomper .48 Skorm's Justice Weapons Sold In My World's Shops The Barnumificator The Love Sword Defender of the Faith Trollblight Aurora's Shield Mirian's Mutilator The Casanova Ol' Malice The Splade Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Scattershot The Bonesmasher I have the free DLC along with Traitor's Keep installed, so I think you need that as well if we are to join each other's worlds. Thank you!
  7. Seriously one of the best guides I've read in a damn long time. Thank you so much.
  8. Having huge issues with the spider achievement as well. I've even started counting out loud whenever I reach the mini-stage, and two times I've been sure I was below 20sec but still no achievement. At least it's fairly easy to get to the spiders, but man is this bugging the living hell out of me.
  9. Can someone please tell me how on earth I can loot the Crystal Butterflies in the Crystal Cave (the ones, apparently, that drop Blue Titanite Slab)? Every time I kill one (with a bow far away) their corpse always fall onto nothing, so the loot is stuck mid-air somewhere out of reach. I've tried approaching them with melee, but they just float out a few feet emidiatly, making it impossible to kill them with melee. Then they just hover in one spot, firing magic at you when you're within range. Is there a way to lure them over to solid ground, because I just can't see how it's possible to get any loot off them...
  10. Just an update that I finally got the damn star! Sadly it was done through what I think a bug. During Inferno you can drop down the holes, and when you respawn the timer is reset and won't tick again until you crash/detonate. This made it possible to keep resetting the timer and blow stuff up. Just thought I'd share if anyone else is having issues with any Pile Up level (though maybe you already know about it...).
  11. Alright, so I'm slowly starting to go insane over here. In working towards the 270 stars achievement I haven't had this much trouble as I am having now. I've been trying to get this damn star for hours now, and the closest I got was around 80,000,000 (which just felt like insane luck). I feel like the two giant holes in the middle of the two roads are the main issue for me, since most cars fall down those rather than being saved for Inferno. I've been trying with every single car (with and without Elite paint job) to see if Aftertouch or Crash Breaker is the best route, and so far the biggest truck with Elite color have helped me the most. But still, I very rarely get over 50,000,000 points, and I'm seriously this close to give up. So please, if anyone have gotten this star and have a solid strategy for me to use, share it with me. I'm close to throw my controller out the window by now.
  12. GameSpot posted a preview of the game yesterday, saying that it's still not confirmed for a X360 release. Which is an odd thing to write, since xbox360achievements.org posted the achievements today.
  13. Looking for more people to boost the 2v2 achievement in two quick matches (so we all get the achievement). I live in Sweden so my timezone is CET. If you want to do it please send me a PM or friend request to the gamertag Cincaid.
  14. Time to start over then for me. Been so used to just press "X" at the main menu before I started the PGA Tour, that I had no idea there was an entire sub-menu at PGA Tour when you press "A" instead. Nnnnggh.... Also, I'd really like to know if anything else is missable since I'm restarting now anyway. If what above poster is saying is true, that your career actually ends at one point, I guess a couple of more achievements are missable.
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