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  1. Does anyone still need the 2 co-op achievements and want to boost them? Add me, GT: Pegaso650
  2. Anyone still playing and looking to boost the "What's yours is mine" achievements? Add me as friend: Pegaso650
  3. Looking for someone to do the 10 online races. GT: Pegaso650
  4. If anyone got the game recently as I did and needs the 2 online achievements (as I do) please add me to your friends list, GT: Pegaso650
  5. Is there anyone still playing this for the online achievements? Add me: Pegaso650
  6. Hopefully those cars cars will be available again in future challenges. I'm quite sure I won't be able to win the Ford Falcon Edit: I got it more easily than expected
  7. I'm late, but this is October's schedule
  8. Did you start the horizon promo career? You have to get the specific perk from the skill shop to start it
  9. Behind the house, go up at full speed. I used the alumi craft upgraded to S1
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