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  1. I know theres an institution called warhammer with little metal figures, lots of dices and giant tables to fight wars against each other like a vast tabletop game with very much depth...and thats it So i was very surprised to see an original game coming from that corner. The gameplay and the story are pretty good, like the atmosphere and those tall buildings and fog everywhere, you really feel like youre into some mechanic robo driven world. I like the orcs onslaughts because its something else like duck cover shoot. The gameplay isnt flawless, but its okay and absolutely enjoiable. The multiplayer surprised me the most, because i really liked it where much. It is quite dynamic playing your favorite bf3 modes with jetpacks and chainswords;d All in all a good game and definitely worth picking up Hf
  2. Thanks for the info, thread can be closed i guess
  3. Hi everyone, Im stuck at lvl 5 with 1 xp to go to lvl 6 and i do not get any more xp, tried both the competetive and the co-op modes? Any suggestions what to do?
  4. Is anybody willing to play this piece of dlc for the achievements, then please let me know Gamertag is isaacballs
  5. Hi everyone, If anybody is interested in completing the dlc achievements please let me know, it seems like nobody is playing this really... Gamertag is isaacballs Happy holidays
  6. anybody wanna boost the wins and the sheeps in ranked matches today, let me know!
  7. if theres anybody wanting to play zombie-mode, let me know, im online right about now for a few hours
  8. hi, if anywant wants to share his/her collection with me be sure to send me a pm, well find a time to play then cu christian
  9. all of ur post really made me curious about how shitty this game really is, so you made me wanna buy it even more, just to see if all of this is true or just bitching. so im gonna order it for 5 buckss right now, probably because i hate myself more than im gonna hate this game:) and btw, shellshock 2 wasnt that horrible after all, the second playthrough lasted on 1hour 10 mins, and i didnt even have problems with the boss on hard at all, cant tell u something bout eragon and beowulf tho...
  10. hey everyone, hook me up when u go for the rapture dlc thing, i'm desperate...
  11. hey everyone, hook me up when u go for the rapture dlc thing, i'm desperate...
  12. hi, i need to get the new dlc maps achievements, so hook me up whenever u r going for these
  13. hi, i need the new maps, too, so hook me up for this stuff, ill be there when u call:)
  14. hi, i have this game for a few days from now and i wanna go for strengh in numbers and the realism glitch, so hook me up if u r going for the same cu round Christian
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