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  1. Hey guys, my girlfriend and I are trying out playing games together but need some suggestions. She loves games like the Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic series, but lately she doesn't have as much time to commit to playing games as before. She still wants to try, though, so any recommendations would be great. We both have PC and iOS (iPad and iPhone), but she doesn't have any consoles. Since she's short on time too, anything that we can either play quick or be able to pick up and drop easy would be best. EDIT: Forgot to mention it's a long distance thing too, so couch co-op is a no go unfortunately. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  2. Posted this in the latest article about Halo 5, I was hoping to ask the same question here too where it might get a few more responses: What I don't understand is if Warzone and 4v4 Arena are all that we're getting? Are game modes like CTF, KotH, Oddball, Assault - is that all going to be 4v4 Arena only? No Big Team Battle or similar to supplement Warzone so we can still have those modes outside of 4v4? I prefer playing Big Team Battle, so really Warzone should be right up my alley. But if Warzone is only going to be, at its core, large-scale Conquest/ Domination, then even with the PvE elements, I find that to be kinda upsetting. No doubt it'll be fun still, just I like to play other modes like CTF large-scale too.
  3. The Xbox One headset connects through the 3.5mm headset adapter puck, which attaches to the controller. Since the XL1s are RCA, what you would probably want is an 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter cable so you can plug the XL1s into the stereo headset adapter. Something like this ought to do the trick: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-105611-7-Inch-Premium-Stereo/dp/B002K83TIA/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1401562351&sr=8-26&keywords=monoprice+3.5mm+rca]Amazon.com: Monoprice 105611 7-Inch Premium Stereo Male to 2RCA Female 22AWG Cable - Black: Electronics[/ame] This will get you stereo audio only, however. I don't know how to help you with sharing that same 3.5mm port with the 2.5mm talkback cable for chat. Probably might require a Y-cable that's capable of splitting the 3.5mm TRSS (CTIA) to both a 3.5mm audio and 2.5mm chat, which I don't know if such a cable exists. I was in a similar boat with my TB X11s. No audio out on my TV, so I had to grab a Y-cable for use with the headset adapter. I use this cable specifically, for those wondering: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Headset-Buddy-Plated-Smartphone-Adapter/dp/B004ETCSX0]Amazon.com: Headset Buddy Gold Plated PC Headset to 3.5mm Smartphone Adapter: Electronics[/ame] Since the TB is USB powered, though, and I wanted to be able to move around, I also had to grab an external battery to give it some juice. Best Buy's own Dynex mobile batteries are what I use: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dynex-lithium-ion-mobile-battery-pack-for-most-usb-enabled-devices-green/4158014.p?id=1219096725681&skuId=4158014&st=dynex%20external%20battery&cp=1&lp=5 Hope this helps
  4. It's okay You'd have to use the adapter regardless, yes. I just think that the support page is being really vague on when they talk about dual 3.5mm headsets and whether this includes dual 3.5 audio/ mic jack setups, which I personally think is a good majority of the headset market. Until recently that is, with the newer single 3.5mm for smartphone use.
  5. Well if you want to get real convoluted, even if it were a 2.5mm converter, you could still use the 2.5mm-to-3.5mm cable that comes included in the box. At which point, no doubt there would be quality loss. But there are available cables, albeit not many, that can convert dual 3.5mm headsets into single 3.5mm. Take this one here, for example, which they call a PC-to-smartphone adapter: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Headset-Buddy-01-PC35-PH35-Smartphone-Blackberry/dp/B002SK66OY]Amazon.com: Headset Buddy:(01-PC35-PH35) PC Headset to 3.5mm Smartphone Adapter: Convert Dual 3.5mm to 3.5mm, PC Computer Headset to iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Palm, Samsung, LG, HTC: Computers & Accessories[/ame] Essentially that's what the new Xbox One headset is: a single 3.5mm (with adapter removed) that could also be used on smartphones, kinda like the new standard Apple headphones for their iPhone and iPad. Since there are dual-to-single 3.5mm converters, my question still stands: can using something like this work with the new adapter, or am I reading the support page's notes wrong?
  6. Okay, so there's something what I don't understand about this new adapter. I'd rather make a new thread about this, but mayhaps I can just ask here? If you check the adapter's support page, you'll notice that it says this for one of its notes: Forgive my ignorance as to what a CTIA standard cable is, but is this or is this not saying that I can take a headset with two 3.5mm jacks - one green audio input, one pink microphone output - grab a Y cable like this: http://image.dhgate.com/albu_309571359_00-1.0x0/50pcs-lot-3-5mm-1-male-to-2-female-adapter.jpg plug all that in, and use that as a likely alternative to the Xbox One Stereo headset? Would I or would I not get the same effect with audio/ chat control via the adapter?
  7. Part of me actually hopes that the Pitchin' A Tent would encourage trolls and achievement whores alike to hunt down potential campers, like some kind of reverse psychology to prevent such a stupid award. Would certainly make games more exciting and enjoyable
  8. It may be worth noting, however, that the crystals which drop from the slot machines do not count towards the crystal collecting challenge, "In The Pink." At least, it didn't for me, last I checked. So, if you're looking to work on that at the same time, you may want to think twice on the slot machines before doing so.
  9. Firstly, Seraph Crystals are only available in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, so you need to unlock that before going any forward. Secondly, any of the DLC raid bosses should do, so long as you have their missions in order to spawn them.
  10. It actually never occurred to me to check the wiki page for the relic. Turns out it says generally the same thing - white-green upgrade. http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Vault_Hunter's_Relic So yeah, beyond green weapons, this relic is basically useless. ...gee, sure wish I knew that earlier, before finishing all of Normal and TVHM AND THE DLC with it on
  11. Yeah I learned that the hard way. Matter of fact, the one of few oranges that did drop for me, I don't remember having the relic equipped
  12. Which are your Targets? Mine have yet to even restock on others
  13. Thanks to SNAKE EYES GUNZ for helping out with the items
  14. Normal and TVHM (and even UVHM) are all separate playthroughs, so yes, switching to Normal after TVHM will still give you only Terramorphous. To switch, go to the main menu and select your character again. It will give you the option to switch between playthroughs.
  15. If you haven't checked the wiki yet, I suggest you do. It has some spawn rate numbers to crunch on. http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Vermivorous_the_Invincible Put simply, solo spawning is not impossible, but it might as well be
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