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  1. Yeah did all that. Even deleted local data to try and see if it could get me data from the cloud with no luck. I just restarted and am much further than I was. Almost done with the pro challenges. I just hope it doesn't happen again.
  2. Just a heads up but my save data suddenly disappeared. Don't know how or why. Had just a few armature challenges left too. So sad.
  3. Looking to boost the whole game gamer tag is magespower
  4. Looking to knock out the 20 turret kills, kill a zip lining enemy, and 2 players with one explosive. GT: Magespower just sent me a message on live if interested. Edit: all done thank you ESSAMAWS
  5. Looking to boost some of the situational ones like hit 3 people with a boulder. GT: magespower
  6. There are actually 4500 total in the win 8 version of the game. There is an extra world which makes it a little bit easier because you can actually miss a few lums and still get the achievement.
  7. Thanks for this! I was wondering where I could finish my mantis stomps!!
  8. Looking to do a quick boost of the going streaking achievement. Message me on live. GT: Magespower
  9. I can confirm it works you just got to get high enough and hold that Y button.
  10. Well for me it's freezing if I'm put into a game that has already started. If I get put into a lobby there is no issues at all.
  11. Had the same issue. I just signed out of my profile then it worked.
  12. Looking to boost the online if anyone is interested. Message me on live GT: Magespower. Thanks!
  13. Looking to go for any of the multiplayer ones. Just send me a message on live if interested GT:Magespower
  14. Looking to run through beast on insane. Hit me up on Xbox if interested. GT: Magespower
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