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  1. Even from the side, aiming into the engine/fuel tank in the back half of the tank gives you a pretty good shot at starting fires. Just make sure you let the fire kill him instead of delivering a killshot.
  2. Still looking for Changing Lanes, will help with others in same session. The Guide links to the XB1 thread, so not sure too many people are seeing this one
  3. The problem here is this is a perfect example of a developer releasing half of a game and then releasing the remainder through additional paid content. While I know this is the increasing trend, it's nevertheless disappointing that the whole game is essentially $100. I have enjoyed playing it but it's a let-down that the only thing left to do is grinding for better gear to level up.
  4. Sounds like you should've downloaded it to 360 instead and then used the free download for the One
  5. Was kicked yesterday and "Disconnected from XBox Live" and had to go to dashboard. XBox Live works just fine there, but every time I start Destiny I get immediately disconnected and can only re-connect via dashboard... wtf bungie?
  6. and on people's jealousy when watching somebody else get the premium versions in store.
  7. Flamethrowers were not used in tank vs tank combat, so even if you wanted to make the theoretical supposition that you could burn an open TD or Arty's crew, you'd be out-ranged and killed before you could close on them anyway. As gucha mentioned, they were primarily for clearing fortified defensive positions. Why add in a non-realistic element?
  8. I don't understand the logic behind the matchmaking system; it keeps your team together match after match (assuming people don't back out) but finds new opponents each time, which takes AGES, and then makes you wait 90 seconds to start once you do find an opponent. Why not just keep the whole lobby like other games and just reset the teams every round?
  9. I read somewhere else (I think Gamespot forums) that the recent patch glitched this achievement in that the game doesn't recognize successful evacs anymore. Bummer because I've done it at least 20 times.
  10. Interesting... I wonder if that's the case in many other titles, because I've definitely used this tactic to join the opposing side in games in the past.
  11. Pickles are friggin' awesome.
  12. I'm having the same exact problem... I've definitely had more than one successful evac.
  13. Correct, I'm not sure how people are getting lost. Continually traveling in any direction tends to bring you out to the farm or sometimes Starks Pond and one or two other locations.
  14. I also caught it from a snake. I don't think you're forced to fight them though; you can get into Banff before they attack you if you're quick.
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