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  1. Even when you have a firm grasp on the foundations of the combat it can be tough to pickup a new character right away. I stumbled upon a great series put on by YouTuber 'Klyka' called Hero School. He hosts a guest player who guides you through the finer points of the featured character. Great to get some tools, take them into the dojo and then unleash them on some other players.
  2. Hey guys, I've been hype for this game since it was first announced. I was lucky enough to play in the closed tests and the open beta and now the game has finally arrived! Here's some stuff that is not well explained in the game menus, this info may make your early experience more enjoyable. - You can make 4 different emblems from your Profile tab, you're committed to the faction (knights, vikings, samurai) but you can change up your shield as much as you want. Use the five layers to make compound shapes, drop shadows, or a face perhaps. Yes, you can make a dong. - After the basic tutorial, complete the advanced practice from the main menu. You get paid 1500 steel and you just might learn a little something. - You can try any character you like in any MP mode without 'recruiting' them, save your steel for now unless you are sure you want to master that character. Or just dress them up, I guess..recruiting is only about gear and customization. - Playing through the story campaign will unlock ornaments in the customization menus for various characters. It's a fun ride and a great way to flirt with each of the characters before engaging in MP. - Champion status is totally worth it! The XP boost is great, and when multiple teammates also have it the 10% bonus will stack for a massive payout. You can purchase it for steel in the main menu, check it out. That's about it, if I missed anything please add it in the comments. See you on the battlefield! #SwordBros
  3. I believe you have the option to redistribute your upgrade points, I have not been brave enough to try. Perhaps that is a way to get what you need at the expense of losing some other ability..albeit temporarily.
  4. When you enter the upgrade menu select the middle category (the one with the bat symbol) it's marked 'moves list' and has descriptions, example videos and of course, the buttons to press.
  5. Oh hell yeah, I turned the brightness on my TV way down a couple years ago and it's really great. All of the shows I watch seem so much more dramatic and gritty. Have you ever seen Sesame Street with the brightness turned down? It's like Jim Hensons' version of "The Wire".
  6. Ever heard of the Destiny companion app? It's availabe for mobile devices, links with your profile and gives you near real time stats for many important things in-game. Namely; faction reputation, inventory, vault contents, stats for recent games and of course, raid progress. You're welcome..
  7. I thought all the weapons were getting an upgrade, I was dreaming of a more powerful Vision of Confluence, Fatebringer, etc. But it's only the exotic weapon drops. While this is still a good thing, I now have no reason to replay the VoG again.
  8. Another good point, I play crucible matches way less than I revisit story and patrol missions. To each their own. Wouldn't it be nice if there were some crucible mode equivalent to the effort and rewards of the nightfall. It's really easy to rack up vanguard marks, but crucible marks gain slowly.
  9. Yeah I hadn't thought about that, I have to laugh when I see "Kinderguardians" in the crucible. They are usually running around way below the level needed to even receive rep and marks.
  10. It sounds like everyone wants a legendary version of the Stranger's Rifle. I'll contact Bungie about it and we should have it in about three years..
  11. I see. Well that could explain it. Thanks for the insight guys. Cheers
  12. M'kay, but the damage rating between a rare and legendary should give the advantage to the purple right? Fewer bullets to get the kill?
  13. I see level +20 guardians still using this weapon in the crucible. Am I missing something? Is there a weapon stat or a perk that makes it preferable to legendary weapons? Are these poor souls bereft of better weaponry? Or are they confused? Possibly scared? Kinda hungry..?
  14. I keep reading that our characters from the first Destiny will carry through to the sequel. However, these expansions seem catered to newly arriving players; vendor gear upgrades, new currencies, etc. I would like Bungie to consider a way to reward legacy players who pay their dues (literally) to the franchise. But I fear newbie guardians will be the same level as returning players, the grind will continue to get compressed for the sake of balance.
  15. Great stuff. I did not think to change my grenade type; good advice. The bounty fills easily now.
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