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  1. Both of them were really good, but I thought the moment with Wyatt's brain was more emotional. I guess maybe I felt bad because he was so young and died in such a horrible way. I didn't feel as bad for Fergus because he was a total badass about it when you choose him and he was old anyway.
  2. I can say this with the utmost certainty: BJ is not dead. I would believe that they would kill him off, if not for the survival of Frau Engel. Any time a main character of basically any series has unfinished business with a villain, they survive.
  3. This might seem out of place, but since this seems to be the only thread discussing the story, I played both timelines (Fergus & Wyatt) all the way through and these were the differences: Fergus timeline features health upgrades, Wyatt timeline features armor upgrades. Fergus timeline features a hotwiring system, Wyatt timeline features a lockpicking system. Fergus timeline features Tekla, the schizophrenic who talks about how everyone's fate has already been determined. Wyatt timeline features J, a guitarist who hates war and "the man." Key scenes involving either Wyatt or Fergus: -During a scene in the hideout where you need to ask Wyatt/Fergus for a key, both men freak out on you and claim you should've saved the other guy. Fergus saying he's too old and slow and Wyatt for being young and naive. -When you defeat the robot being operated by the brain of the soldier you didn't pick, both of them ask you to kill them. BJ tells Wyatt is was an honoring fighting alongside him and he tells Fergus he'll soon meet him in a place better than this. I honestly thought the Fergus timeline was much more interesting than Wyatt's, simply because Fergus is a better character and I also think Tekla was more interesting than J. There are also other subtle differences involving dialogue that changes depending on who you choose, but for the most part everything else stays the same.
  4. I was grinding through Thief and Titanfall, but eventually gave up and went over to playing mods for Arma III on PC. Now it's back to grinding those games. Although I did play Pokemon Y and caught the end game legendary (Yvetal?) when he still had half health left with an ultra ball ON THE FIRST TRY. That has to be a 1 in 1000000000000 chance. So that was fucking awesome.
  5. Like I said in my post I'm only looking for Xbone or 360 games. There are tons of these game types on PC. It just seems to be something that hasn't made its way to consoles as much yet, which is strange since the "survival" game type seems to be mega popular.
  6. Battle Royale/Hunger Games. Whatever you call it. Basically a large group of players start out with nothing and loot to gain items that will help them survive and/or kill other players. Last person left alive wins. So my question is, are there any games out there for One/360 that feature a game mode like this? I got the Battle Royale Mod for Arma III on PC, but I'm a console man at heart and keyboard/mouse just frustrate me to no end. The closest thing I can even think of is downloading a Minecraft Hunger Games world off the internet and then playing with friends, but that isn't exactly ideal.
  7. Just like Battle Royale, you can have vehicles, but no lethal ones. So no tanks or anything like that. Just dirtbikes, quads, etc. And not only would a sniper rifle be VERY rare, but you could make the sniper come with either no scope or a really short range one. Then better scopes could be other pickups that spawn randomly.
  8. The only game it's even close to better than is BF4 and that's only when BF4 isn't working. Hey if you guys enjoy the game, more power to you, have fun and enjoy it. But to me it's utter shit. Unfortunately there really aren't a whole lot of other options for the Xbone right now, so TFall is what I'm stuck with.
  9. Has something like this ever existed in the Battlefield series? I've seen the Battle Royale game mode in Arma 3 and it looks incredible. My only gripe with that game is that the map is so massive that that matches can last a really long time, even with the eventual play-restriction circle. Seems to me like Battlefield 4 would be tailor made for a game mode like this. They could just use the weapon-pickup thing that you see in the campaign/with special weapon in multiplayer and randomly insert them throughout the map. Start with nothing, not even a knife and parachute in. Then find the weapons, knives and other special unlocks riddled around the map.
  10. I don't dislike FPS games, I dislike overhyped shit FPS games.
  11. THANK YOU. I remember telling everyone before/just when it came out that is was an average game at best. Don't get me wrong, the Beta was pretty sick when I played it and even got me to buy into the hype, but it took a few hours of play on the full release to realize this is really just a shittier version of CoD that's all dressed up.
  12. Geez. Tell me your life story why don't you? I bet you're a blast at parties.
  13. I've always felt that Modern Warfare 2 was not only way overrated, but easily the worst in the CoD series. Like it's not even close. It was stupid easy to get a Nuke/the other high end killstreaks and the game was filled with gamebreaking tactics. Stopping power but no jug? Infinite high-powered noob tubes? Ridiculous. I think the reason why so many people hype it up is because people were expecting something epic after CoD4. And MW2 introduced customizable killstreaks and tons of other new things that made people ZOMG freak out. But by comparison to the rest of the franchise it's a complete joke.
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