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  1. I dont seem to see any reason apart from leaderboards why these would matter
  2. Looks very promising hoping to get this soon! Price tag might be like £3.99 though
  3. I HATE working near lava, then being careless and falling in. Or trying to use lava in your house and dying while making something cool. RAGE
  4. Can always give it a bash as its free, hope its not like bugged village though!
  5. Great guide and good game! Hope to see more free games for WP7
  6. Great game and good guide! Hope to see more free games for WP7
  7. No chance of getting 200/200 for this!
  8. Fair play for using a solver, it had its risks.
  9. Got the achievement no problem with the save and reload method! Many thanks all
  10. Good tip! Ill do this and the other achievements should be no problem
  11. Ill re-download it again then. Im a perfectionist I try to complete all my games!
  12. Sounds good to me! At first i thought it would be left behind but with a million copies it can hold its own aginst the computer version
  13. Afraid I wasnt aware this would work at the time! Ill do this for the last 3, thanks
  14. Hi there ive been trying to get the leader of the pack achievement as its my last one! However im having difficulty finding wolves. ive found two but no luck with any other can anyone answer a few questions do i have to do this in one sitting? can i do this across a few worlds? does difficulty affect the rarety of the wolves 1/6 or something? many thanks!
  15. Anytime ive foudn diamond aswell its been near lava
  16. Breezed through it with no problem, getting 6 criticals in a single game was the hardest one tbh.
  17. If he rebuilds it and you put in the final piece you get it, i done it todday
  18. Great guide! Never would have found the secret level
  19. Hi there, I played this game on my old phone and have a new device, is it still glitched i dont really want to download it if it is Cheers, Jamie
  20. Problem solved put the wrong number in the wrong square! Great guide though! Cheers, Jamie
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