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  1. Thank- you.. I got my alan wake code today also.
  2. Has anyone gotten the code for the windows 10 version or the reg alan wake game. I got the code for the nightmare alan wake but that is it. I pre ordered it over a week before release and its been almost a week since it came out and still no codes.
  3. Title says it all. Just wondered if anyone has tried it and what they thought.
  4. The game froze in chapter 3 while shooting the heavy machine gun. Then couldnt get past the warning. Tried launching other games then wolfenstein and still wouldnt work did a hard reset and changed controllers and now it works.
  5. Found this link http://guide4gamers.com/dragon-mania-legends-breeding-result-chart-gameloft/
  6. Found this link http://guide4gamers.com/dragon-mania-legends-breeding-result-chart-gameloft/
  7. Mine is 6958a. I also could only add one.
  8. For the Ambidextrous achievement the amount is 50gs not 25gs and for the Colonist achievement the amount is 75gs not 25gs
  9. So I just finished the game last night. I unlocked all the achievements and it says a I have them all and says I have 1000 points but my actual score is short like 510ish points? Not sure what how to fix it.
  10. Is it just me or is there 12 achievements missing from the guide.. The color of wools, the make a suit of iron etc???
  11. Isn't that how people get banned.. Doesn't that violate some rule?
  12. 360 version is up but not the One version... Getting both but wanted to play the one version first.
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