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  1. Im down to try to get the "I killed them all" achievement, if someone is organizing this, send me a msg.
  2. Finished the achievements, ty to those that helped.
  3. Looking for people to play the campaign on heroic to get the achievement done, start to finish please.
  4. I had virtually 0 problems with any of the songs in the game for gold star (1-3 tries max) with Bottle Rocket (switch for jackpot if doesn't work the first time) Blast notes and whichever instrument has the most notes. EXCEPT FOR SHOUT... this song can burn in hell.... I must have played it at least 50 times, and almost destroyed my controller due to frustration. The way i found worked best for me was to go with jackpot, guitar boost and use jackpot right after the 2nd checkpoint. after that, just stockpile it till you reach the guitar solo and make SURE not to miss anything, you can get an unholy amount of points from the held notes... after the solo there will be another section near the end where you can get a ton of points with jackpot off more held guitar notes, make sure to use it there as well. this was the ONLY problem song in the game for me... but not i just have to grind out the 300 songs. EDIT: I notice it says the cutoff for tears for fears is 595k, this is about 100k too much. I have 501k and i have it gold starred.
  5. Raging about the damn war supporter achievement/medal.... I stopped playing gears a while back, just recently picked up all the DLC now i decided i want to aim for seriously 3.0, only to discover that I am pretty much shafted when it comes to events... I have no clue which ones i do and do not have, and there is NO way to tell.... so for the next however many months i have to have a religious schedule of checking whether or not there is a new event out because god forbid i accidentally miss one... Is there ANY hope in hell of them fixing this mess? or heck, when gears of war judgement comes out, are they just going to go all out like they did with gears 2 and crank up the XP boosts (and hopefully the events)? At the VERY least, PLEASE give us an actual calendar of events or a way to see which events we have already done....
  6. I need the come to poppa achievement and the locust one, also need to play beast on all the fenix rising maps if anyone is interested, priority is the come to poppa one though. Im going to organize this for tomorrow (sunday) at 4pm pacific. 1. Robert999220 2. mishanja 3. AlphaZombie216 4. TheBigAndy 5. Just 2 more now.
  7. I need the win online matches as certian people achievements. if we can get 2 people with extra controllers, this will be extremely easy to do. send me a message.
  8. I need all the vs/horde achievements such as the guardian ones and the play as zeta squad. I have an extra controller, if we can get 4 more people with extra controllers this will go by very quickly. send me a message. Will be doing this at about 5PM today, please have at least 3 hrs to do this.
  9. Ok, looking for some people to do the revive 3 teammates and trick shot ribbons and the horde achievements/ribbons. send me a message if interested.
  10. Looking for a partner for the Beast Ribbons and horde... Also would be nice to get help for - Ole!, Roadblock and Trickshot in vs.
  11. Looking for assistance with a lot of the ribbons. Send me a message if you are interested in going for some of these.
  12. I need the online achievements, if anyone is interested, please send me a message.
  13. Looking for someone to get all of the "Play as" online achievements with. send me a message if interested.
  14. Looking to complete the spec ops missions from hit and run onward, send me a message if you are interested.
  15. If anyone needs some help with any of the achievements send me a msg.
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