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  1. TLDR: Achievement pictures in all guides aren't working. For example:
  2. Ok defeated them all with 1 combo and without gold boxing gloves. Always block, when enemy strikes do a swift right jab, swift left jab and then a swift right uppercut and then go to block again, rinse and repeat. You can switch it up to: a swift left jab, swift right jab and then a swift left uppercut and then go to block but for me it didn't really matter. I am righthanded, so doing the uppercut on my right hand was easier for me.
  3. Sadly you can't get those gold boxing gloves anymore :(
  4. This forum is dead bro, you should ask your question on the other website which one is not allowed to say here.
  5. I don't understand this because that achievement is: Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship 5:1gs: Play a match of Arcade Pretty sure 'Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship' unlocks first.
  6. With all due respect, but who wants to write a guide for a website that is currently bleeding out.. This website really needs some love.. But you know that already. I apologize if you feel hurt about my comment, but it's the truth.
  7. That fight was the most easiest, even on insane.
  8. Use this thread for this: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=663523
  9. I hope it won't be such a grind..
  10. I hate it when I have to zoom in on mobile, it's not necessary with the tech nowadays. You will gain a lot with responsiveness. I always build my websites with Bootstrap, it's really easy: https://getbootstrap.com/ I love this website, so hopefully everything will get better
  11. You don't have to zoom in and out on a real responsive website. Check this article: https://www.bopdesign.com/bop-blog/2013/10/the-pros-cons-of-responsive-web-design/ And some examples: https://www.awwwards.com/50-examples-of-responsive-web-design.html Nowadays a good website has to be responsive in my opinion. I am a webdeveloper myself, so I should know
  12. Hope you guys also invested in responsiveness for mobile and tablet
  13. I am in the same boat, I do: - Conquest battles - Contracts from message boards - Arena But I think you could also wait for the DLC that will give new quests?
  14. The link for Naxos Island is incorrect in the Regions (roughly along the story) section.
  15. No they are not randomly generated, I believe there are 600 of them . A real completionist will also get those
  16. Best post I have seen all day on misc forums. Thanx a lot man. Awesome guide. Will definitely use it.
  17. Probably people are getting less interested with this website
  18. You are absolutely right about this, very clunky..
  19. That really doesn't matter, I see a lot of PC/PS players on this website. Thought it had only problems for PC players.
  20. I saved all my credits (up to 120k at one point) to buy only Feral horde packs, way better for purple horde cards. Because, TC and their greed.. They want to keep people playing this game and buy packs with real money.
  21. Well Destro, you can count on a wings 5 and all skill cards level 6 achievements..
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