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  1. Looking for these 12 legendary weapons just want achievement and will give them back My Gamertag is KBoy56 Swords Avo's Lamentation Really Sharp Pair of Scissors Thunderblade Hammers Hammer of Wilmageddon Sorrow's Fist The Tenderiser Pistols Bloodcraver Briar's Blaster Chickenbane- Dragonstomper .48 The Ice Mainden Rifles The Equaliser The Sandgoose
  2. i dont know how to delete posts but one finally showed up.
  3. Just so that people who are having problems with the MINAC framing method. When do this you need to make sure you pick up every last thing you can, if you dont the new stuff that the claptraps drop will disappear. this is best done with multiple people as you can make sure that you can hold more guns and pick stuff up faster. hope this helps out people who are having problem farming the last of the collectibles.
  4. I just recently got this game and im looking for PPL to help me get the 1 4 player achievement my GT is KBoy56 hit me up to play.
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