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  1. Ok thanks. And Yeah, I did use the level select to restart the level I was stuck on.
  2. I just finished the game and didn't get the achievement. The guide says there are 15 lvls but I only count 13 in the mission select screen. I started playing on Normal but about half way through I lowered it down to easy because I was stuck in a spot with no health and kept dieing. Did I screw up the achievement by doing that?
  3. According to EA's twitter, the beta for Battlefield 3 is expected to start in October!:woop:Make sure you keep your copy of Medal of Honor because that's the only way you'll be able to access the beta.
  4. Awesome. Thanks for putting this together.
  5. Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw 11/10. Go buy it! Read it.
  6. Hello Internet! I'm looking to get the MP Achievements. Send me a message. MatthewMk2. EDIT Dont bother sending me and boosting invites. I have the new Beta Dashboard so I can't join party chat. That would make things kinda difficult. Sorry. I didn't think of that when I posted.
  7. Thanks everybody for all the suggestions.
  8. Yep. I hate games. I can't stop playing them. In the past month I've spent over 136 hrs playing Halo Reach, plus all the other games I play on PS3 and Steam. I'm addicted but I can't stop. Life is so Fucking crap and boring. I haven't had a `full time job for almost 2 years. I cant work. I have panic attacks whenever Im around people. fucking hell, Fucking hell. Ahhhhh! I know this thread is pointless. I'm sorry, I just need somewhere to vent. On top of the anxiety, Im depressed all the time, Im overweight and I have ADD. I just want to cry or scream or something. But WTF is the point? I'm so lonely. Fuck. This post is boring now. Fucking ADD. Life sucks I suck, you're awesome. Why can't I be like you? Because Im to fucking lazy. Damn it. Say im and Emo twat, I don't give a shit. Cause nothing fucking Matters! How do you do it? How do you get through Life? This world is so fucked up, whats the point? What is your reason for living? Please tell me. I can't stand just drifting through life. I have a 166 IQ. Thats better the 99.9% of the population. Bet you can't tell that from my post. I could got to college or university or whatever but why the fuck should I? I can't stand being around people. Take a course from home? ADD remember? I'd get bored and go play Video Games. I live on my own, Have for over 2 yrs. My parents split up Fuck my Dad and Im not living with my Mom. I lost my job 5 months after I moved into my place. Thank fuck I live in Canada. My Anxiety and Panic attacks are so bad there classified as a disability here in Canada so the Government gives me enough money to get by. Well, It would be enough If I didn't waste It all on FUCKING VIDEO GAMES!! Whatever. Its all good. I love me, Im awesome. I wouldn't change a thing! Happy Happy Joy Joy Right?
  9. Just curious, Do you have or know of anybody who has a working 1st Gen 360? Or have they all Red Ringed? I got my first 360 on Launch day and it didn't even last a year.
  10. William Gibson. There is just something about the way he writes. Also Yahtzee Croshaw's Debut Novel Mogworld is really good. I'm looking forward to more of his work.
  11. I've never read Enders game. I don't like books that have a young kid as the main character. Plus I already know the big "Twist" in Enders game, so Its kinda pointless to read it now. I didn't know A Clockwork Orange was a book. Is the movie based on the book?
  12. I love reading, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy but I seems like every book is part of a series. Is a real pain in the ass when you find a book and It turns out to be the 1st in a trilogy or whatever. Its gotten to a point were I'm scared to buy any new books in case it turns out its "to be continued". What are some good Sci-Fi or Fantasy books that aren't part of a series?
  13. I just finished Zero History by William Gibson and have Just started Mogworld by Yahtzee Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame. Mogworld is freaking awesome, you guys need to check it out.
  14. My all time Favorite is Mystery Science Theater 3000. Out of shows still on the air? Futurama with South Park in a close 2nd. Oh, and The Colbert Report.
  15. OXM, Car and Driver, Discover and Scientific American. I used to get Popular Science as well but now I just read it online.
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