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  1. And then if your any other team but Utd, City, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal or Liverpool, EVERYTHING goes against you. Especially when playing one of the above teams.
  2. Villa won't go down, the way we've been playing since Newcastle has been alot better. We were unlucky not to beat Everton, we beat West Ham and should have got a draw against Arsenal. And but for one mistake last night we'd have got a point out of Man City too. Villa have still got to play Reading, QPR, Stoke, Fulham, Sunderland, Norwich and Wigan, which are all games we can get points from, I can see at least 3 wins if we carry our form. Anything from the Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool games are a bonus. Everybody writing us off, when the reality is 2 wins (especially if they're the next two games Reading and QPR) and we'll be well out of it. I honestly think it will be QPR, Reading and Southampton/Wigan going down, and it wouldn't surprise me if Norwich got dragged in at some point, but I think they'll be fine.
  3. What is going on at Villa? Lerner is a joke.
  4. Fair enough, this wasn't an away game but funny nonetheless. Villa v Ipswich, I was in the Holte end and there were about 20 blokes stood up in the middle blocking peoples view, the stewards come over to get them to sit down and the whole crowd just started going "stand up if you love villa, stand up". And the whole stand got up :') Feel so sorry for those two stewards, it was so hilarious tho!
  5. If you're at an away game and you're sitting down, you're doing something wrong haha
  6. Don't think their was anything Suarez could do tbh, he did what anybody else would have done. Carry on until the ref blows his whistle. Just unlucky for Mansfield. If it was there striker that did that and they scored, Liverpool would be fuming but that's football. Can't argue with Millwall away too, can't wait to get down there haha! Going to Bradford away tomorrow too. Hopefully Bent starts again, and finds his scoring boots again too.
  7. Exactly. Chelsea used to be top dogs, and now Man City have turned up they have to play second fiddle. And the fans have come to expect more. Chelsea would be nowhere without Abramovich, just like City would be without there oil money.
  8. I've stayed quiet for a reason haha, that being Villa have no experience in there team whatsoever. If Villa don't but a few players this window, and players that have prem experience. We'll be playing in the championship next year.
  9. TABLE UPDATE http://i49.tinypic.com/2u4281e.png I cant get anything right atm haha
  10. I was thinking the same thing, we had that one page, i'm actually gutted haha. Two big games for us tonight, hopefully we beat Norwich (hopefully) and Sunderland and Reading draw.
  11. That was badass hahaha. Mexes is better, only reason being that if Joe Hart doesn't fluff his header, Ibra's goal doesn't happen. Also, not the best ever, but as a Villa fan, i'll never forget this (even if we did lose 5-2 that night). [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhDhktSEsd8]Juan Pablo Angel vs Bolton - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Hyperion Snipers, oh my days, the amount of damage they dish out is ridiculous! The worst thing tho, is when you get downed and they just run off and hide -.-
  13. Everyone has got Commando Pro. *grabs coat and leaves*
  14. £700 for a phone. Wow. Seriously fuck that! I could probably buy a decent used car for that!
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