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  1. If anyone can help me get all the raid achievements let me know. I'm a lv 30 titan with about half the defender tree unlocked. Gamertag is NUROK HOWLER
  2. Looking for 1-2 people for the 4 player achievement. Send me an XBL message if interested
  3. same here on the fight titles and the beam. anyone have info message me
  4. looking for people to add to the profile list for the treasure that requires you to have 10 people on the list. message me on live gt: NUROK HOWLER
  5. also I'm on his friends list i should have heads too and can make alien hominid heads
  6. DO go into cover. you get splash damage, but not enough to kill you when i didn't use cover i died.
  7. Can someone help me get the titles for 30 perfect rounds and 30 judgement(out of time time). I'll help with whatever you need. GT: NUROK HOWLER GOT 'EM WAS ONLY 3 PERFECTS AWAY
  8. I'm trying to get a group of 6 together. I have 2 maybe 3(Myself included). My time zone is central 6 i'm in texas it is 11:11pm at the moment. Add me with a message and we'll try to make a time. GT: NUROK HOWLER
  9. I need 2 people for the final boss on insane GT: NUROK HOWLER Got it. Fired it up today and did it first try. first try today probably 20th total lol.
  10. looking to do insane difficulty as soon and fast as possible so i can get the ghost protocol skin. Mutators VERY welcome GT: NUROK HOWLER
  11. BRING BACK NETFLIX PARTY PETITION http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/bring-xbox-360-netflix-party-option-back/
  12. trigger happy is not part of the three pack of legendary characters I asked for a 100% sure answer
  13. can someone message me when they get 100% legitimate information on how to get legendary trigger happy please? GT: NUROK HOWLER
  14. I still need the last capture achievement. I've played waaaay over 20 as host. if i haven't edited this post I am still up for boosting. FINALLY GOT ALL ACHIEVEMENTS GT: NUROK HOWLER
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