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  1. Hey I am looking to do all of the co-op related achievements. Hit me up, my gamer tag is: THC BLUNTED
  2. I need help with the chaos and total anarchy achievements. I also need about a third of the relics. I would appreciate any help, thanks! GT: THC BLUNTED
  3. I need help with the chaos and total anarchy achievements. I also need about a third of the relics. I would appreciate any help, thanks! GT: THC BLUNTED
  4. I got this game for free back in july and I have to say it is a really good game! It is really fun playing solo and even more fun playing co-op. The visuals are crisp, clean and creative. The story has great pacing, the music is very catchy, and the mechanics of the game are really well done. The Behemoth have done it again with a top notch title! But I really do hate the heat seeking missle guys, they are pretty cheap.
  5. I bought the DLC on sale for $4.50 and I thought it was worth it. The story was short and wasn't very captivating but the combat was awesome. It starts off slow but as you get more powerful the game gets more fun. Its too bad that it didnt get the same treatment as the retail game did but it is still entertaining. If you are just playing through once for the story you might be disappointed but if you are going for all of the achievements you will truly unlock all of Vergil's potential.
  6. This fight was a major bitch and took me about 50 attempts to finally get. I tried using a lot of other peoples strategies but what worked for me was this: First off, make sure your doppelganger is always active. If you get hit you have to reactivate him and after the dodging sequences you have to activate him. This helps you do a lot more damage to Hollow Vergil. Then basically just time his attacks and wait for an opening. His attacks vary every round so it will take some practice to find out when to attack. When you have that figured out just mash the Y button on his ass. If you have your doppelganger active you can stagger him to do a lot of damage only requiring one burst of attacks per round. I took him down very quickly when I did it right making my fight last under 2 minutes. The fight can be very cheap so dont get too frustrated when he hits you when you thought you should of had him. I had a few good runs get ruined because of a cheap hit or two but dont worry you will eventually get it. Good Luck!
  7. I thought he was really fun to play as. The combat was a lot more fast paced and he had some pretty cool attacks. He wasnt deep enough to make a full game around but it was fun playing as him in the DLC.
  8. Finally got my 1000g yesterday. It was a really fun game without too much troubles. Getting SSS on nephlim was a little tedious and killing Vergil on HAH was a pain in the ass but other than that it wasnt too bad. Now time to move onto Vergils Downfall, Im hoping it isnt as tedious as the original game was.
  9. I started on Devil Hunter and it was fairly easy. My 2nd playthrough is on Son of Sparda, Im at the final bosses now and it has been much more challenging than DH but still not too bad. When I am done with SOS Im not sure if I should start on Dante must Die right away or if I should try to go through Heaven or Hell and earn some extra red orbs for my DMD playthrough.
  10. Im pretty sure you have to be level 50 or higher for this glitch to work. I tried it when I was in the low 40s and it didnt work but after I was 50 it has worked every time. I think the amount of exp varies each time you do it. I noticed some games I would get a lot and some not much. It might have something to do with your score in the game, cause it seems I would get more exp when I was MVP.
  11. I have had some match connection issues and sometimes if you are playing with friends it has issues putting everyone in the same game. But those issues have been few and far between. I have been having a lot of fun playing this game and havent had any issues with stat tracking.
  12. I would like to join a boosting party as well. I am looking to get all of the achievements and I am in the central time zone. I am on most nights and can be available anytime during the weekends. Let me know, my GT is: THC BLUNTED
  13. All of this info here should help me get the achievement. Thank you everyone for your posts! I made a few attempts at some panic slaps last night but had no luck at all. I kept getting mowed down and not even getting close. My best strategy was to get behind a few people but that didnt work either lol. It is a very luck based achievement unless you go specifically for it. I will come back later and update my progess, hopefully with some tips to help others! Edit: I finally got my slap achievement and it wasnt too bad. I used the mighty body type with heavy armor. I also used ninja smoke to stalk people before the timer would start so I could get 1 easy slap kill right of the bat. Along with horse healthy, bullet sponge, and angry hedgehog. It is a very luck based achievement. Some games you can get 4 or 5 slaps and other games you can get 0. Just keep at it and you will be done before you know it!
  14. I had the hit me one more time achievement glitch on me. I got a melee kill with a shield and a throw kill with it during a spears match and no achievement! It really sucks because that playlist is dead now so I will probably never get it. Also had the bird of prey glitch on me!
  15. I have a complete game in Halo 3 and it is one of my favorite games on the 360. I am looking forward to getting the master chief collection and hopefully reliving some great Halo 3 multiplayer moments!
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