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  1. No worries, my reply is late too.

    Not a fan of flashbacks either, if you seen Man of Steel you will understand that.

    I think I'll give it a shot too. That's funny, I tried watching the original Scarface and I couldn't finish it. Guess I was expecting it to be similar to the one with Al Pacino.

  2. Sorry for the very late reply. I didn't even notice the pm.

    Yes, the first two are the best. I prefer 1 a bit more then part 2 because it's the beginning of Michael Corleone. In part 2 you see some flashbacks on how his father became a Don and I'm not a big fan of flashbacks that goes back for so many years.

    I also have seen part 3, that's more about LOVE for the family and not so much about killing and mafia business. It's not so great but if you can, watch it atleast one time and judge it yourself. For example: I know people who are a big fan of Scarface but they don't like the original Scarface or never have seen it. They also dislike the Godfather because it's too boring in their opinion.

  3. Do a few missions and explore the city.
  4. This is the current price for brand new games right?
  5. I play a few games in a month and I try too finish the story first. After I've done that I take a look on my missed achievements and I try too earn them. If I don't like them anymore I put them on the shelf and play an other game untill I don't like that anymore. Then I can go back on the game I put earlier on the shelf.
  6. Batman: Arkham City - 9/10 Great graphics. Good story. Still enough stuff too do when you've finished the storyline. Famous enemies of Batman passing by.
  7. Completion: Earned every achievement in a game, including all dlc if I've them. Finished: Just finished the story.
  8. Super Nintendo Playstation XBOX Gameboy Colour Gameboy Advance PSP Nintendo DS Xbox360
  9. My cousin had a Dreamcast, so every time I was at his place we played some games on it. Wasn't a big fan of it.
  10. In random order: Mass Effect series Gears of War series Forza series Saints Row series Battlefield series
  11. Yes I'll keep my Xbox360. I'm not done with all my games.
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