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  1. not sure why you dont want people to stay on your site as i get some ad pop up or pop up in background and alot of the time is redirects me to some site that says they are Telus saying you won 1 out of the 5 garbage coupons. the site that it redirects you to causes all kinds of malware or viruses. it took a day and a half for our computer tek to fix computer cause it screwed up alot of thing on computer. If this was my home computer this complaint would be way nastier but this is the computer at work that the boss pays to fix.
  2. this happens to my son on his xbox one every time he puts in a trial code in. i just restart his xbox and when he loads up his profile again he can join parties with his friends and play games online.
  3. i hit 300000 about a week ago
  4. you do realize that Paladins and their characters were in development and shown off before overwatch even developed a character.
  5. well as capcom has announced their dlc plans awhile back there is no mention of overtime mode being part of the paid dlc plan. so think this is fake news. http://www.xboxachievements.com/news/news-25414-Dead-Rising-4-Deluxe-Edition-Available-For-Pre-Order--Season-Pass-Detailed.html
  6. I think i should win the code because i bought Final Fantasy 15 and did not get the code and it would look good in my digital game collection. Also as part of the most exclusive group on this site the x360a Exclusive Platinum Game Collectors it should be a no brainer who should win the code...lol
  7. i haven't played to much of it yet but i'm liking what i have played of it so far
  8. i haven't notice any lag in both modes but my buddy yesterday was whining about his game being laggy. only problem i had was no sound in IW but was very easy fix. need to change noise filter on xbox 1 from only voices to no filter. after buddy shut down his xbox and unplugged it for a minute he didn't seem to have anymore lag issues
  9. or you accidentally turned off rewind in difficultly settings
  10. i have had the same problem game works but the all the dlc ive installed for it is no where to be found
  11. looking for people to play r6 with that use mics. messege me and add me as friend on the xbox1 CanadianHippieX is my gamertag.
  12. im looking for help on the achievement to complete raid with other clan members and just to play game with. gamertag is CanadianHippieX
  13. Looking for people to play the game with. GT CanadianHippieX
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