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  1. I'm at the point of the game where I rescued the dude who got bit and I gave him my only zombrex. Now I have about 6 hours to give Katey some and I have no idea where to find some. Any tips or advice? Thanks x
  2. Like a fool I started Mass Effect 2 again on Insanity, only to realise I didnt have enough time to complete it. Now I've downloaded the DLC Overlord and I cant play it? How many missions do I have to do before I can access the mission?
  3. I've done every mission and nothing came up? What is going on? Am I supposed to the bonus mission as well for it to work or is this a glitch?
  4. Im on my final playthrough, to complete the game with knuckles and get all 7 of the chaos emeralds for the 200 gs... Anybody know of any guides to where they are? Would be greatly appreciated x
  5. thanks mate! this is by far the hardest sonic
  6. The fact is you dont know anything about me and randomly tried to get bitchy.... I wont lose any sleep knowing somebody online thinks I dont have skill cos Im not the best at button bashing the x button whilst running around in circles on a game of Batman...
  7. I cannot beat this level with Sonic whatsoever, its like the level was designed for Knuckles and not Sonic? Whats going on? Its the third level in, am I missing something or what?
  8. Real constructive man, somebody caught feelings? And thanks for the advice FalseHope, I might try to master it but even if I did my opinion would remain the same, there is significant element of luck in getting high scores on these combat challenges.
  9. hahahahaha I cannot believe you are comparing the combat challenges on a Batman video game to mastering your craft in music or golf, thats pretty damn dillusional man. Meh, the combat challenges are mostly about luck guys come on now. I accept you need a bit of skill to get high combos, but most of the time the game decides when to mess up and break up a combo making it all about fluking your way through. You could have the perfect timing in the world and the game will suddenly not recognise what you have just pressed and at X30 it ends.... If you sit there ten hours straight, im sure you will fluke your way through eventually and I am not prepared to do that in the hope I get some luck. I think Eidos set out with the intention of making these combat challenges have lots of replay value but what they created was something glitchy and mostly dependent on luck....
  10. Fair enough to anybody who can sit there and have the patience to deal with them, but I have had enough. I have completed the game, got all the riddles, done all the predator challenges and I am left with the combat ones, what a joke they are. Before you claim I am unskilled or lack the patience, I have tried for hours to complete them and the same bs happens. An enemy will come out of nowhere, the counter will fail and he ruins a combo, I will press the attack button and the game wont recognise it thus ending my combo, it just really isnt worth the hassle. I will rest with completing the game fully without the combat challenge achievements. Lets be real, the combat in this game is definetly the weakest element so relying on chance to fluke your way though a combat challenge cos the combat gameplay wasnt created to properly react to your movements isnt my idea of fun. Peace!
  11. Thanks man! Thing is, ive not been listening to any of the audio diarys or spirit of arkhams cos I wanted to wait until I collected them all and then listen...
  12. Ive done all 240/240 of Riddlers challengers, yet I still have one Spirit Of Arkham stone plaque left to find, any idea where it is? Or is this some kind of glitch? Thanks in advance
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