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  1. they are effects from Motion or adobe after effects. (the mussel flashes) then they just added the sound effects. they did a really good job on it.
  2. if you were trying to prestige in CT, there is a way the other guy can reset you to rank 1 current prestige.
  3. the intro has cool graphics and stuff, its just a tad to long. usually vids like this have the persons name and whats goin to happen in the video. so if you can get that info across and still have the graphics it'll be 100% better.
  4. i think if the intro is half as long as the video you should shorten it (a lot). especially if you want to get someones attention, you dont want the audience to be reading some text when we want to watch what the main video is about. thanks for the videos though, it should help people who are to lazy to look through all the stuff themselves.
  5. is this the 50.19 update??? cuz before it was 50.18 like 20 minutes ago
  6. can you get some of these without purchasing the map pack?
  7. if people who see this wanna help out just play a game and right after in the action report you can see how much is required to level (right before the xp bar moves). if people just write that down with their levels this will go a lot faster.
  8. i can make an excel form for people to use if people just want to write down the numbers and i will add it when i look on these forums. unless rivercurse wants to do it. just let me know and ill give you the info i have.
  9. when are the novemeber playoffs? my buddy let me win 5 games so im 5-0 so hopefully i qualify.
  10. Hey i was wondering if anyone could let me win 5 games on hut, then after this seasons playoffs ill let you win a tournament. just send me a message GT: M A N I K Hans.
  11. does anyone know what the pure playlist is??
  12. looks pretty sweet though haha. i cant wait to play this
  13. if you want to play for the legend card, and have trouble getting team play i figured an easy way to do this. so for Position just follow the blue arrow. for team play set your player to tough guy and just get hits, before i did this i was only getting c+ at best and now i changed him im getting an A to an A+ every game just by getting hits. and for scoring just get a couple of points a game. i got 2 usually and get an A to an A+. so overall i think the easiest way to get your legend (instead of boosting) is to set your guy to a tough guy and just follow the arrow and get a couple points a game with some big hits. Hope this helps some people who did not know about this. i know i didnt until i decided i wanted to start getting big hits today.
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