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  1. somene please explain this to me. maybe i did something wrong. i used my prestige award to "refund tokens" what exactly happens when i do this? i ask because i prestiged, then i chose the "refund tokens" award. the result was everything was re-locked (which i expected) but i have zero tokens. ? i thought i was supposed to get those back? what did i fuck up here? am i missing something?
  2. left my house at 11:30 home by 12:20 not to shabby
  3. Hey guys, i have literally spent hours today walking around this fuckin forest waiting for these wolves to appear. I got two last night on a friends board but hes not on again until late tonight. Does anyone have a world with definite wolves in it. I'm convinced mine has none. FML Also if you have a 500m track you'd be willing to let me ride on, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  4. Thanks!!! wish i would have known this prior to finally reaching 80% on this FUCKING god-awful event list:uzi: this thing is taking forever!!!
  5. Well I "may" have solved my problem. I just bought a civic type-r and now im lapping them..... sucks that we gotta run with cars that we cant buy tho!!!
  6. Ok so I'm stuck!!! I'm over 80% done with this Event list and I'm up to the Speedway Event "Tuners of Japan". Restrictions are "must be asian" and "must be pre-tuned". Now here's the shitty part. Like everyone else, I would normally buy one of the cars off the opponent list. This particular opponent list shows the following: HKS Lancer Evo Top Secret Supra Top Secret S15 MINES GT-R R34 MINES GT-R R32 and the piece of shit RMR Genesis:uzi: Now all these cars (except the genesis) are unavailable to purchase even though I owned them all in FM3. Whats the deal with this??? I tried this race with the friggin genesis and i'm getting my dick stomped in every time because i can only tune it up to R3-714 while all the other cars are R3-797 and higher Help plz....just help.... I'm really tired, plz tell me what im missing here...
  7. This is not exactly accurate. I received the test track code when I bought the standard version of the game on release day.
  8. i just bought one on ebay for $4.99 this is currently the only way unless someone here gives it to you free search "forza 4 test track code"
  9. Do the test tracks have to be loaded using the dlc code inside the game case.... i tried to play test track "layout-A" with a friend and it told him that its not available to him. he downloaded both disc 1 and 2 to his hard drive. but he cant find the dlc code thing that came inside the case. is there another way to get these test tracks?
  10. people really dont read threads huh? just the first one.....then boom! "click reply" and i know for damn sure this guy didnt either because he picked a number that has already been picked just a few posts above
  11. wait....you gotta read the posts dude......a winner was chosen
  12. Well folks! #42 was the correct answer. At first I thought you having one post was sketchy but you did create this account in 2008 so you didn't create it just to win this lottery. So congrats! Send me a friend request to claim your car. My GT is The Bigulator
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