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  1. How for the love of Pete do you lower your weapon?
  2. You must have the dlc. The original game came with a supposed 93 recipes, however, two of them were coded the same within the game. So to get that 93rd one, and that's if you are thorough in the main game, you'll need to pick up one from the dlc. To make it easier, most of us played the majority of the dlc, picking up around 12 recipes in case any were missed I'm the main game. Then, and only then should you learn all of them. Do NOT, learn any of them in the main game. I have a YouTube video up of me unlocking the achievement. However, the One that is still glitched and locked is the One for obtaining ALL achuevements...Geek. good luck and let us know.
  3. I'd be absolutely enamored with whomever could help me with this. Had a 360 HD crash, lost my save and whatnot. Got the 360 repaired...my halo 3 unit! And u need the colorist achievement as my last one for this title! Help me help me!
  4. A word of caution is more what this is. Do NOT start the TRIAL on Expert, proceed through the trial to the point where it asks you to unlock the full game and continue on your merry way. This will NOT count as having completed it on Expert. You MUST START the GAME on Expert, not the Trial, and finish it. AGGGGGRAVATING, not only in the sense of this, but also, again, unlocking chievos in trial games. This is the LAST game I play a trial for. No mas!!
  5. Our policy has never been to remove profiles from the site. If you don't log in for 30 days your profile will automatically go into "inactive" status. If you don't want to be able to log in anymore, I can always ban the account.

  6. I am writing you because I simply can't figure out who else to ask this of. How do I remove my profile, and personal information from this site? I've been here for a long time. It's not serving me well anymore, although I will say cudos to those of you who still plug away at maintaining it. I've come to a point where I need to be removed from the site and if I can do that I most certainly will. Short of me being able to, if it's something that someone else needs to tend to, with my permission, please point me in the right direction so that I can take the necessary steps. Thank you for your time and for the site. I DO appreciate it.

  7. Ok, fine, MASTER CHEF IS OBTAINABLE. See my solution at TA, see my video on youtube. Or not, I'm done arguing about this with people. This was intended to HELP those who would like to gather this achievement. This was NOT for me to be told what should and shouldn't be considered help. Ever wonder why I don't post here much anymore? Take it or leave it
  8. Ok, so since you're NOT interested in how this IS doable, then how bout you go visit another forum, so those who ARE interested can see what needs to be done and decide for themselves if it's worth the effort.
  9. And I don't participate in libel. THIS IS obtainable. Watch the video. Read my solution on TA.
  10. In response to TA calling me a cheater TA grows balls to accuse me of cheating. It took you a month, AND someone lodged a complaint against me. Are you serious? EXACTLY who made this complaint. And WHY? If this is about the Master Chef achievement in Arcania Gothic 4, I AM THE ONE WHO ATTEMPTED TO BRING IT TO YOUR ATTENTION THAT IT WAS OBTAINABLE!!!! You guys need to get with the program and not do so much threatening to those who support you. I obtained this achievement legitimately, ONLINE, and OH BTW, THERE'S A VIDEO OF IT ON YOUTUBE AND IN MY PREVIOUS THREADS AT AN ATTEMPT TO GET YOU TO REEVALUATE THE POINT VALUE FOR THIS ACHIEVEMENT, because it IS ACHIEVEABLE!! Now for the REAL problem that YOU have. Does it strike anyone as odd that I would make a video of how to unlock this achievement? Suffice to say that I came across two individuals, in my ol' interweb searching on how to get this stupid thing, that had been summarily untracked by none other than TA and were labeled as cheaters because someone couldn't get their collective arses out of their heads and recreate what WE SAID COULD BE DONE. You know what that's called right? When you falsely accuse someone of something they in fact have not done And TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM? I put 75 hours into this game 6 years ago. I've had three achievements sitting there for that long. I just put 60 more hours into it and got two of them. I think one of them is just not going to happen. And now you're calling into question the legitimacy of my achievements. You'd better saddle up and investigate ALL of my achievements then, as I must have 4 faulty XBox 360's and 4 faulty XBox Ones. They must have been shite form the factory, because I keep seeming to unlock the VAST majority of my achievements with no problem. You know what really gets my panties in a bunch? I just wrote a solution guide for this achievement a MONTH ago, on HOW to OBTAIN this and WHY is WAS PREVIOUSLY unobtainable. I just submitted another REQUEST for y'all to look into this a couple days ago. And NOW you're INVESTIGATING ME??!! Trust me, this is going to make the rounds on the internet. Oh and here's a courtesy I'll extend to you.
  11. Ok, so I just got this last night, some 5 years after I finished the game. You do need the dlc. However, the Geek achievement still isn't unlocking. I'm going to finish the ending in the main game again, then finish the dlc and see if that works. See my guide on TA.
  12. K, so some direction here would be REA.LY appreciated. I am in Gas Town, 10/11 scrap, to the east of Gas Town even though you get to it from inside Gas Town. WHERE am I missing the last piece? I can't find a decent video or map at ALL to help track this down. I had 10/11 AFETR completing The Big Chief
  13. Yup, since we are playing on a glorified pc running windows, shutting down everything completely is the only way to prevent crashes and appLICATION failures. So, dunno. I am registering 0 of 2000 on that particular challenge, as well as some others, like cleanup crew, even though it shows my scrap from destroyed vehicles being automatically picked up.
  14. So far, I've turned my console off completely AND set it to standby mode, and both ways have netted me 0 scrap upon logging back into the game. EXACTLY how does the scrap crew ACTUALLY work?
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